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The use of digital gene expression profiling can be used for the analysis of gene expression as a way of rivaling microarrays. This technology works in the transcriptomics area. Controlling gene expression is enabling the gene to produce active protein in a biological way. This is a complex process within the eukaryotes as compared to the one in prokaryotes.

This difference is caused by the presence within the eukaryotes found in the nuclear membrane which inhibits the translation and transcription in a simultaneous way taking place in prokaryotes. Prokaryotes on the other hand controls the transcriptional initiation found at the main point of regulation which is at the eukaryotes which controls the genes at many different points (Bright, 2009).
In gene control in prokaryotes, the bacteria within a given gene is grouped together to form operons. These clusters are necessary for carrying out activities the biosynthesis of an amino acid. There is a transcription of RNA from the prokaryotic operon polycistronic. The transcriptional initiation rate is the predominate location for controlling gene expression. Gene therapy is a therapeutic intent which acts as a strategy of anticancer gene therapy.
This therapy is used as for clinical models through oncolytic/relicataive vectors, proappototic gene among others. The strategy of altering gene can also be used as a therapy for heart diseases. Other implication it has is the highly risky procedure involved. It is very crucial to prevent and minimize events of putative adverse. Generally it is advantageous to regulate gene expression as a way of providing a therapeutic target and improving the treatment of cancer and other conditions which are life threatening (Edelstein L, Abedi, Wixon, and Edelstein 2004, pp 597-602).


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