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Stress Management

Stress management is not something that emerged just the other day. Walter and Hans are among the earliest scholars who studies how stress can be managed. They both used animals on testing how pressure affects animals and how they response to such critical conditions, thus they created a foundation on which stress on humans could be studied. This essay will solely look at ways on how one can prevent stress, coping with stress and if the situation is worse, how one can reduce the level of stress.

Stress management is not easy although it’s something that is common to many. Since we are in a world where each and every activity does bring stress we should be ready to manage stress whenever it arises. Control or being responsible is all which counts in order to manage stress. Be responsible of your thoughts and activities which might results stress. The first thing an individual should do is to take a course of action ways of solving problems and coping with changes that arises in the environment. Stress management is quite important in our daily life simply because each and every person want a life which is smooth. Since we are not in a position to have all what we desire, then we should balance good and bad situation which means that we should be responsible of managing stress, (Gregson, 2008).

Where does stress management start or what do in individual with stress start in reducing stress? Similarly with other types of solving problems, stress management just start with evaluating what cause stress that one is going through. Sources of your stress are the initial point one should identify before evaluating what is happening. Since stress is something that comes now and then, your usual sources of stress may be not always what cause stress. Look at your current situation which will help you in knowing exactly what causes your stress. This helps in managing stress simply because knowing what has caused stress will help in avoiding, reducing or prevent those causes. In order to identify and control well your stress, it’s wise to create a stress journal. Put down some of the causes stress and this will help you identify and manage them in the right way, (, 2011).

After identifying some of the causes that develop stress, the next important thing to do is to evaluate ways in which you deal with current stress. What are the methods that do you using in dealing with your stress? In your stress journal, you will easily identify some of the methods you have of dealing with stress. In most cases, an individual tries to deal with stress only to realize that the level of stress increases simply because methods used to cope with stress increases your problem levels. Health way of coping with stress is the only way or method that is quite good that an individual is likely or supposed to deal with his or her stress. Do not engage is some unhealthy methods such as drinking alcohol, procrastinating or other methods that harm your body, (Gregson, 2008).


There are different types of stress that get us and similarly, we have different approaches that we take in dealing with those stresses. There is no standard measure or method that is set aside on how to manage stress but with some few steps, there is a great chance on how one can prevent or manage stress. In order to deal with stress accordingly we have four A’s approach which can help us. The first A stands for Avoiding stress as much as you can, second is to adapt the situation on which the stress has come upon, accept the type of stress you have, finally but not least is to alter the stress, (, 2011).


Stress management strategy has four main strategies that an individual is bound to use. In order to be on the safe side, ensure that you have avoided possible stressors that can lead to a situation which is not good. Although its hard to determine the stressor so as to avoid it, an individual who consequently encounters stress situations can determine and avoid such situations. Having identified ways on which you can avoid stress, the second strategy is to alter the stressing condition. If there are measures that can be taken in order to prevent stress occurrence in future, then this is the best point, (, 2011).


The third strategy of stress management is adapting stressor situation. There are some of stress situations which we can not avoid and incase there is such a situation; the best thing is adapt with the situation. Adapting to stress enables an individual to set steps on how to overcome the stressful situation. Accepting things that seems impossible for change is another important part of stress management. Since some sources of stress are long run, accepting things that are static will help an individual to be prepared always, (Gregson, 2008).



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