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The Starry Night Painting

Lines are very conspicuous. This can be seen Van Gogh’s use of strokes that are heavy and thick to contribute to the movement of the painting. Using the strokes as small lines, the viewer’s eye can move along the painting. In the foreground, lines have been used to bring out the large foliage in the foreground, the small town in the middle and the outline and texture of the hills in the background. Additionally, the sky is filled with swirls to bring out the distribution of clouds.  Light from the stars and moon is emphasized using small lines around them.

Shape has been enormously used in the painting as well. The plant in the foreground has been developed into a large conical shape with a wide base and a tapering end. Shape has also been used in the middle of the painting to bring out the houses and the vegetation equally. It is shape that enables a viewer to differentiate the church in from the other houses in the middle ground.

The curvy shapes at the background enable viewers to figure out the hills at the background and also to show perspective as some are nearer to the foreground than others. In the sky, shape distinguishes between the stars and moon as stars are circular with dots in the middle while the moon has a crescent. Swirls could the violently moving winds on a windy night or the Milky Way.

The plant in the foreground of the picture is shaded darker than the rest of the item to demonstrate how close it is to the painter. Since the middle ground is not painted as dark, this gives the painting some depth and distance. From lighter shading of the sky near the hills, sunset is brought out and the blue hues in the sky revealing the incoming night. For all the stars, lighter and more scattered shading reveals their brightness and thicker shading in the middle reveals their shape. Through shading, the viewer can differentiate between vegetation, house roofs, windows, hills and the starry heaven.


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