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The J. Paul Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum has new exhibitions being presented currently at the Getty Exhibition centre, Los Angeles, and the Getty Villa, Malibu, and on the website. Here are some of the collections of artistic items and presentations that I enjoyed the most in my online exploration of the exhibitions. First is the recently acquired 1720 painting done by a Frenchman known as Jean-Antoine Watteau.

The painting displays a comical picture of five Italian comedians who had just finished their performance. One of the clown’s in a white baggy suit, flanked by four others, holds out a hat at the entrance hoping that money would be thrown into it. The depiction of the comedians’ dressing, general appearance and the guitar is amazing.

The presentation of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, romance and beauty, is another fascinating piece of art on display at the museum. The presentation depicts how the Goddess is so manipulative and destructive in matters of love and desire. Her domain extended beyond matters of the heart and was an idol extensively worshipped by ancient Greek men and women and along the Mediterranean.

The portrait appeals more because it captures important tradition in the Mediterranean. The collection of the works of Gustav Klimt, an Austrian 17th-century artist, has notable presence in the online presentations of the museum. The collection includes several interesting traditional paintings done by the artist. The problem is that it comprises expressions of the sensual nature of human relations that constitute nudity. Some drawings include naked images of people and may not be informative.

Important lesson one gains from participation in the exhibitions is that art serves as an important store of knowledge. A keen observation is required because a portrait is not what it seems on a quick look.


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