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Museo Nacional Del Prado Online Gallery

In my visit to Museo Nacional Del Prado gallery, I was impressed by him painting by Veronese Paolo titled Moses saved from the waters.  This is a painting from the Italian school depicting the theme on religion. I did not like this painting because it treats religion so profanely. This panting portrays a dwarf. This is something which I have never seen in most paintings of the past. Paolo in this painting tried to fuse a biblical story with the time she was living in. the painting was painted in the 16th century. This was a time when dwarves were common figures in European courts.

The scene in this picture is in the country setting near Venetian villas at the time of the artist.  I learned that this is a rare kind of painting that treats a religious subject profanely.  The painting captures a scene in Exodus I, 5-6 at the time when the daughter of pharaoh and her friends rescue baby Moses from the Nile River on a basket. This was a time when the entire male Hebrew male child was ordered to be killed by the King.

In the online gallery is the self portrait painting by Titian, Vacelllio di Gregorio that dates back to the 1565 AD. The theme is Retrato meaning portrait. I liked the painting of this portrait because it is like photography of oneself with the use of minimal color variation. Natural colors depicted are brown beige, black, and white.  That makes the painting seem like a real photograph. I learned that this is a portrait which Titian painted of himself wearing the Golden Spur Knight chain given to him by Emperor Carlos V in honor of his work as a painter. Titian was therefore one of the few painters who were much concerned with his image.  This makes us wonder whether the way he wanted his image in painting was the true image of him.


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On July 20, 2012

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