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Ballet Critique

A ballet is a kind of performance dance that started in the Italian renaissance courts during the 15th century. The dance was further developed in various countries like France and Russia as a concert dance. Ballet dance has become a popular dance in many countries and it is mainly performed with the accompaniment of classical music. It has been taught in schools in the world and students use their culture and societies to influence the art. Ballet dance are performed by artists who have been trained. There are a wide range of activities that people can enjoy when they visit the Murray Park including Ballet. 

The Ballet Centre features a vast range of ballet performance. Children and adults are trained on how to perform. I attended an outdoor ballet at Murray Park. The ballet was presented by the Ballet center in Murray Park.  The mood at the ballet concert was good as every one was happy. The Ballet Center used a wide range of colors to set different moods. They used different bright colors to set the right mood for the event as it was on a Saturday and many people needed an excellent performance to relax.   
The performance was wonderful and I had a spectacular day. The performers performed at 11.00 AM and bright sunlight. There was a stunning backdrop and the performance was very pleasant. The performers played a contemporary music which helped me understand the dance.  The performance had a theme that guided the choreography. The theme of theme of the performance was mainly love. The performance focused on a great love affair (Lee, 2002).

The dancers had a good control of their methods. The dancers were performing on a rough surface and they had to wear broken Pointe shoes. The surface did not prevent them from dancing as their movement seemed easy and comfortable. The dancers had superb ballet techniques. Their positions were clean, long and elegant. The dancer’s lines were great. They were able to showcase their nice foot shapes, fabulous lines with their upper bodies and lots of charisma with their pose (Lee, 2002).

There are various aspects of the piece that I liked like the arrangement of the dancers as the dancers were grouped into different categories and moved on the stage  each group alone.  The staging of the dance was balanced.  The dancers were able to dance in harmony and this made the performance enjoyable. The dancers were grouped into different groups and they were able to dance in harmony with their group members.

In addition, the groups were able to dance in harmony. The performance was divided into there scenes. The first scene featured dancers who wore dark and bright colors. The dancers moved on the stage. The second scene featured the second group of dancers who wore bright colors too.  The third scene featured the third group of dancers who were dressed in bright colors. The dancers were dressed in vibrant reds, purple, yellow and violet costumes. The movement of the dance intensified as the third group moved together on the stage and many people were pleased with the dancing and movement of the dancers.
In addition, the mood intensified as the dancers moved on the stage all dressed in bright colors. The dancers worked together for the good of the piece and the energy was well distributed and this made the dance more interesting.  Though the three groups of dancers performed well, the members of the third group stood out. The members were more coordinated than the other two groups and also their dancing was good. The dancers and the choreography worked well with the contemporary music selected (Paskevska, 2005).

The dancers wore fantastic costumes. The costumes had a wide range of colors that made the event magnificent. The costumes complimented the mood of the piece. The dancers wore a mixture of dark and bright colors.  Some of the dancers wore black costumes and others bright colors.  The costumes had different colors including red, blue, purple, white, cream etc. The colors complimented the mood of the piece. They also wore broken pointe shoes as they helped them dance on the rough surface.

The lighting and sound also complimented the mood of the piece.  The lighting was amazing and also the setting. The colors used at the background complimented the piece and the costumes worn by the dancers. The setting also set the mood of the event.  The setting and color showed clearly the environment and earth’s surface and this made the event pleasing.  I was pleased by how the dancers were able to dance on a rough surface and smile at the same time. Also, how the dancers controlled their movement on the rough surface also pleased me (Paskevska, 2005).


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