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My Addiction to Fashion

            Fashion and design are my passion that is currently becoming an addiction. I believe that dressing is a way of life, and this is what I emphasize on each day. Every morning, I always have no idea of the clothes I will ware for the day, but I will come to the final decision after evaluating my moods and how I want to look for the day. Fashion does exist in every country, and I believe that, at every time I am surrounded by fashion. This perception enables me to always look around for a new fashion from the way people dress and by looking at fashion webs from the internet. My addition for fashion started at an early age.

My mother was a clothing designer, and she could spend most of her time cutting and sewing together pieces of clothes to come up with her own wear and clothes. She could buy an already made dress and modify it with laces and belts, and she looked totally stunning in them. The aspect that me like her the most is that she went for affordable clothing so as to look beautiful. She could buy affordable prices of clothe and combine it with an expensive fur jacket, pair of shoes or handbags. I liked the way she dressed in bright colors. She still wears some of her own designer clothes today, but has opted to dress more on official clothes because of her busy working hours. My mother is still my fashion cop who helps to check out the clothes I buy and top dress appropriately for every occasion.

 I love shoes the most I buy affordable shoes every month of different types such as gladiators, high heels, sandals, sports shoes, boots, wedges, platforms, pumps, canvas, clog, flip-flops, and flats stilettos among others. I am mostly addicted to shoes because I know that when one dresses in lovely clothes without the right shoes, they the whole look becomes worthless. This addiction to fashion fast started as a hobby, but I have grown to be an addict of fashion and am the main aspect in my life. I have a small shop where I sell all types of clothing and accessories for women. It started from the constant questions from my friends and people who knew o me on where I get some of my earrings, bags, angles, shoes, hats and so forth. I decided to gather all the fashion wear and clothes and sell them to my friends. Currently, the business is doing well, and I hope to succeed in the future to become a trendy fashion designer company.

 In my teenage years, I had difficulties in selecting the right clothes to fit my plus size figure. I felt extremely ashamed because of the negative comments and nicknames I received because of my immense size. I went home everyday feeling frustrated with my body shape, and I did not like my round figure. It was through support from my mother and elder sisters. I started doing exercises. Though I did not reduce my body size 8 or 10. I am a mid size person and the trick to look elegant is dressing my size. I especially target girls and women with colossal size body shape and help them get the best clothes for their size. I have matured through the years and accepted who I am. My focus is to inspireyoung people by helping them get the right clothing to fit their body shapes.

 In campus, I joined various fashion and designer clubs to put various fashion shows on new trends and other traditional trends. Because of the fast changes of fashion, we managed to put these shows one immediately after another in short weeks intervals, so as to host the latest fashion wear. These shows influenced are in a large extent in being capable to work behind the scenes and managing to hold a successful fashion show. This triggered my thoughts of one day becoming a producer of fashion show. Through these shows also, I managed to learn leadership skills and working in teams. The shows have also helped me to establish a suitable business environment that has helped me to this day. The FCCLA club also assisted people who are less fortunate. This has helped me to be a participant of community service and I am involved in assisting the needy people in the society. I have had the desire to work with Nongovernmental organization that focuses on helping the needy and providing them with basic human needs.

 At the moment, I am confident and have the competitiveness to continue being a designer ad fashion maker in this competitive field. The experience I have in the fashion industry places me at a good position to be a producer and designer. I hope that this dream will come true in the near future


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