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Health Care

 The investigator laid developed the problem of the study well (Li, 2007). This is because he stated the problem in the first section of the paper and went ahead to carry out research to prove the problem. The researcher wanted to investigate the effectiveness of two preoperative nursing interventions. He also wanted to find out whether one can use the children’s emotional manifestation scale to evaluate effectiveness of the preoperative intervention. Thus, the problem is well developed (Li, 2007). The problem and the purpose of the study fit together.

The author carried out the research to identify the effectiveness of the preoperative intervention and whether one can use the children emotional manifestation scale to evaluate the effectiveness. The problem is based on literature findings. The investigator bases the problem on previous evidence that showed children manifestation scale can be used to evaluate emotional responses in children (Li, 2007). The study does not show whether the children manifestation scale can be used to evaluate effectiveness of preoperative interventions. Materials used in the study are not recent. The method of the study is not presented in details. This makes it hard to duplicate the study. The investigator has outlined the method of study briefly. When replicating the study one has to establish a new method to use. The design is not ideal for the study (Li, 2007).

 The method used in the study is not good and it is difficulty to copy the study. Young children aged between 7 years and 12 years were used in the study. The author does not include the sex of the children used in the study and the mean. The total number of children used in the study is 203. 97 children received therapeutic play and 106 received routine information preparation. The investigator did not use any instruments and does nit give any reliability of the instruments used. He does consider reliability and validity of the data (Li, 2007).


Li, H.C.W. (2007). Evaluating the effectiveness of preoperative interventions: the appropriateness of using the children’s emotional manifestation scale. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 16 (10), 1919-1926.


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