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Operating System

  1. Window vs. Mac Operating System

Windows and Mac are competing products in the operating system’s market. Windows is a product of the Microsoft Company while Mac is a product of Apple, Inc. There are many similarities between Windows and Mac in terms of features and performance. However, there are also a few differences that give one operating system an advantage of the other. One of these differences is found in the speed of operation. Mac is generally faster than windows (Carson, 2011). Tests conducted on the both operating systems, revealed that Mac takes fewer seconds to boot up, lesser time to come back on from sleep and lesser time to go off than Windows. This gives the Mac, a performance advantage over Windows.

Another difference between the Mac and Windows is security. Window is the most widely used OS and this has made it a popular target for hackers and cyber criminals (Carson, 2011). Consequently, many malware programs have been specifically designed to penetrate this system. Mac on the other has not been widely targeted by cyber criminals. This security advantaged has been complimented by installation of efficient security mechanism into the system. MC OS has security features that protect it from installation of damaging programs such as virus and Trojan, unless the user grants access to the program by inserting the password.

Mac also has a built in firewall that protect it from online threats. This security aspect gives Mac an advantage over Windows. There is also a usability differences between windows and Mac. Mac is considered an easy to use OS, as it contains inbuilt drivers for most Apple applications. This implies that users do not have to install these applications whenever they want to use them on a Mac computer. Windows on the other hand, does not have this advantage. A person using MS Windows has to install programs for most devices such as printers and modems, before they can be able to use them.

The aspects discussed above indicate Mac’s advantages over Windows. However, there are also areas where window has advantages over the Mac OS (Morley, 2010). One the greatest advantage of Windows is that it can be installed on most computer hardware. On the other hand, Mac is purposely built for Mac computer hardware and is therefore incompatible to other brands of computers. Windows also has a cost advantage over Mac. Windows has appealed to a larger segment of the computer market because this OS is relatively cheap. Due to the expensive nature of the Mac OS, this operating system is mainly appealing to hind end consumers.

Windows is also highly supportive of the 3D technology. This has made this OS more appealing to gamer than the Mac OS (Carson, 2011). In addition, most games in the market are developed for Windows since it is the most widely used OS. Most of these games are not compatible with the Mac Os. There are a few games made specifically for Mac. Similarly, Window has many software options since most software are designed with this OS in mind. It is difficult to find highly specialized software programs that are compatible with the Mac OS.

Microsoft Office Software

1. Word 2010

Word 2010 is word processing software that was developed by Microsoft. It is included as part of the Microsoft Office software, but can also be obtained as standalone product. This software is used to create documents such as reports, term papers and letters through typing. This program contains a feature that enables users to type and edit words into a page and save the document in the computer’s hard drive ( Carson, 2011). This software has many features that facilitate the production of document including; a spell checking tool that enables users to correct their grammar usage, and formatting tool that enable users to format documents according to numerous styles. This software also has features that enable users to insert external files such as pictures that have been saved on the computer. It also has features that enable users to generate table and diagrams as well as process graphs and charts. Word 2010 is the most recent word processor from the Microsoft company and it an improvement of the previous versions of Word 2003 and Word 2007.

 2. Excel 2010

Excel 2010 is spreadsheet programs and is a component of the Microsoft Office software. It is used for generating, storing and manipulating data (Carson, 2011). This program has several features that make it possible to perform these functions. One of these features is the spreadsheet. This is rectangular table that is made of numerous rows and column that are identified through numbers and alphabetical letters. The rows and column intersect to form cells. Another feature that enable the functioning of excel is a typing tool. This feature enables users to key in data into the spreadsheet using the keyboard. It also enables the user to edit the spreadsheet data using the keyboard. Users can type and edit data in form of text, numbers and symbols. Excel also has analytical tools that make it possible for users to analyze raw data and generate information. These tools enable the software to automatically count, sort and total the data stored in the sheet. Excel also has a chart tool which enables it to generate tables and charts displaying the information that has been processed.

3. PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 is presentation application that makes up the Microsoft Office 2010 software. This software enables users to make graphical presentations by use of slides.  This software has a typing tool that enables users to type in data into the slides (Carson, 2011). The software also has an insert tool that makes it possible for users to insert graphics such as charts and graphs. This tool also makes it possible for users to insert files such as images and photos. PowerPoint also has a notes page that can be used to store notes for the speakers’ reference. This software is also fitted with slide view menu that enable the users to generate the presentation for the audience. The software is also fitted with a print tool that enables users to print contents of the slides.

4. One note 2010

One note 2010 is a Microsoft Office 2010 application that enables users to gather notes and store them digitally on the computer (Carson, 2011). This digital note book make it easier for users to make notes, organize notes and find notes whenever they need to refer to them. One note has the typing tool that enable people to key in data. It also carries features that enables user to organize pictures, text, videos and audio files. It also has a powerful search tool that enables users to locate whatever they are looking for within the shortest time possible. One note also enables easier sharing of files by users. Users can have their notes saved online through SkyDrive making it possible for these users to share the files with friends.

5. Access 2010

Access 2010 is also a Microsoft Office 2010 application that is used as tool for managing information (Carson, 2011). This application contains tools that enable users to store information, analyze and report information. This application is made up of tables that have numerous rows and columns. This table enables users to key in information. The program also provides users with tools that enable them to link different sets of information creating a database.

6. Publisher 2010

Publisher is an application that enables users to make publications (Carson, 2011). Through this application users can create, design and publish professional materials which can be emailed or printed. Microsoft publication is used to generate materials such as business cards, brochures, flyers, menus, banners, business forms, signs, certificates, calendars and postcards.

7. Office 365

Office 365 is an application that providers its users with MS server products such as Lync Server and Exchange Server (Carson, 2011). This application provides Microsoft users with an array of products that enables users to access the web. Office 365 web applications also enable users to access and edit one note, PowerPoint, excel and Word documents directly from their browsers.

8. Share point

Share Point is an internet application that is made up of numerous technologies that enable users to perform various functions (Carson, 2011). This application enable users to manage documents, process information as well as provide features such as social networks, collaboration, internet portal and enterprise search. This application was designed to make it simpler for people to work cooperatively. Through this application, people can create sites where they can share information and manage data.

Define the following Terms

1. Operating System

An operating system is software or a program that control the operations of the hardware (Morley, 2010). It acts as an interface between the computer software and the computer hardware. It makes it possible for computer software to communicate with computer hardware. This programs performing the most basic functions such as enabling the computer software to recognize input from keyboards and disk drives and make it possible for computer hardware such as monitor, printers and disk drives to display output. It is also responsible for ensuring different programs that are running concurrently do not interfere with each other (Morley, 2010). This software has a multitasking ability that enables more than one program to run simultaneously on the computer. This software also has multiprocessing ability that enables the computer to perform more than one function at once. Example of operating systems include; Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Google Androids.

2.Client server technology

Client server technology is computer networking model that used to link up different computer and enable the sharing of information (Bradley, 2011). This technology can be used to connect computers through the internet or to create a local area network. Web servers and web browsers are good examples of client server technology. Severs are generally high powered computers that are used as storage for files and documents. In this example, the technology help the browser to connect to gets access to the internet servers to get the information that is stores therein.

3.Machine language

This refers to a set of encoded instruction. This instructional are usually encoded from the normal language into binary digits to enable the computer central processing unit to interpret the information (Morley, 2010). Computer relies on binary digits of 1 and 0 to interpret input information. Different model of computer processing unit make use of different binary language. This language is almost impossible for humans to understand as it consists of pure digits.

4. Programming language

Programming language refers to the language used by computer specialist to make computer programs. There are different types of programming language which are divided into several categories of computer programming fields. These categories include; “program development, database development, game development, webpage development, script development, interface and drivers development and artificial intelligence” (Bradley, 2011). Programming language is simpler than human language and more complex than the binary language that computers understand. This program must be eventually converted into machine language in order for the program to work effectively.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Docs over Microsoft Office

Google doc is web based application that enables users to create, edit and share documents through the internet. This application performs similar functions as those of Microsoft Office. However, Google Doc has various advantages over MS Office (Morley, 2010). One of these advantages is that Google Doc enables collaborative use of information/ documents. This online application makes it simpler for friends to share data. This feature also enables multiple users from different location to view and edit similar documents.

Google Doc is also associated with enhanced security. Documents created and edited through Google Docs are saved on Google servers (Morley, 2010). This means that if the users’ computer breaks down he or she will be able to retrieve the information. Another advantage of Google Doc is that is free. While other organizations impose premium charges on cloud computing services, Google Doc users can access these services for free.

Though Google Doc has numerous features that are absent in Microsoft Office, there are certain features that give MS Office an advantage over Google Docs. One of these elements is formatting capabilities. Google Docs does not have the same formatting capabilities as Microsoft Office (Morley, 2010). The applications offered by Google Docs do not provide similar editing quality as MS Office. Google Docs has also raised security questions. Though this application provide back for users’ data, concern has been raised concerning the control of this data by the users. Information is stored on Google servers and therefore is out of the control of the users. Very soon search will be able to get information concerning the document viewed by a particular user, email conversations as well the company they work for.

Web Standards

Web standards are technical and non-proprietary rules that govern the development of websites. These standards define a set of acceptable standards when it comes to designing a website. Web 1.0 refers to the standards that were used in the development of early web (Morley, 2010). These standards were used to develop the read only webs which have little user interaction and content distribution.

The goal of early website was simply to display information on the internet and let people know the information. It does not give room for reverse communication. Web 2.0 is a development from Web 1.0. Web 2.0 application allows web users to interact and contribute to the content of the site. Websites that makes use of Web 2.0 application are more interactive (Morley, 2010). Web 3.0 is advancement to Web 2.0. Web 3.0 makes enhances the potential of web applications to speak to each other directly. This would enable users to conduct enhances searches of information.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that involves use of multiple computer servers via the internet (Vekirides, 2011). This technology enables users to share information without incurring major cost of developing networks. Cloud computing is associated with a number of benefits. One is that it gives users access to a wide range of applications without having to download this application. This is because cloud computing enables users to use these application through their browsers. This reduces expenditure on both software and hardware.

Another benefit is that it enables company to share resources at one point. Through cloud computing employees of an organization can easily share information and work collaboratively. It is also an effective and less costly way of sharing information and forming networks since there are no upfront costs. It also gives companies unlimited storage. This is because information is stored in virtual server which has unlimited capacity.


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