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Computer Crimes


An action related to bleaching of law or an instance of slackness that is supposed ruinous to the public welfare or morals’ regarding a legally prohibited activity is what is termed as crime according to online ( Various crimes cases are witnessed each day throughout all forms mediums of communication. These crimes always committed by people citizens all nations around the world.

Crimes are of different types according to Ken LaMance (2012) Crimes can be divided into two major categories property crimes and personal crimes. Personal crimes can be termed as the offences committed against another human being such as rape, Assaults, battery, Homicide crimes as well as first degree murder among others. While property crimes are offences against property, not necessarily involving harm to another individual. For example; theft cases, Robbery with violence, embezzlement, false pretences and arson among others.

According to the study done on Hampton roads on major stories dominating the local television news (2008), violent crime cases took the high percentage of about 16% above other forms of crimes. The study found out that crimes such as a police officer shooting and the use of weapons against humanity crimes were more often compared to crimes involving not harm to people. In addition to that they also found that about 33% of the leading stories on the news majored with some sort of violent crimes.

Cyber crimes such as illegal hacking of the private networks were not a common place in the pre-computer systems era. Furthermore downloading unauthorized data from the internet did not exist before the computers were introduced since the society was not familiar with this sort of technology. Computer theft cases did not exist since there were no computers to be stolen as well as corning of computer systems also did not exist; as a matter of fact people did not have that knowledge.

Crimes such as hate speech on public networks as well as online pornographic materials could not exist without a national or worldwide public network. Traditional crimes which computers are now used as an instrument are such as; display of pornographic materials, land grabbing through forgery styles as well as communication to operate crime. This have increased the crimes efficiency and brought more damage than good to the society as a result of technology. There are no crimes that have not been touched by high-tech revolutions basing on the two major crime forms mention earlier; property and personal crimes.


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