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Good Advertising

Television advertising: Got milk?

 TV commercials are the most effective method of advertising for mass media. One good example is the “Got Milk?” advert. The advert shows a milk packet that is rotating with each side showing the flavors available like bone chilla, holy man, shut eye battle city, and sippin’ pretty, and then it shows a milk processing plant and the processes that milk goes through in the processing system. The advert is effective because it is appealing to the intended audience, especially the teenagers by using cartoon characters and soothing music.

 Newspaper advertising

A good example of newspaper advert is the McDonald’s advert for “Burritos” it shows a neatly rolled burrito in a paper with McDonald’s logo. This advert is effective because it delivers the message easily through its design.

 Bad advertising

America’s furniture and bedding commercial

In this commercial, salesmen are wearing the American flag as a cape and with no shirts on, they the go on advertising the furniture by saying “Captain America be the man”. The advert is not good because it violates the UnitedState flag code; the flag should not be used for advertisement in any way. Secondly there is no point of being shirtless in the advert.

 A bad example of newspaper advert is the one for Absolut Vodka, the theme of the Advert is the bottle which is the focal point. The advert lacks in creativity because it has a poor combination of color and copies the format used in the advertisement of other types of wines and spirits. Typical to other Adverts it uses a slice of orange similar to other adverts.


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