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The Positive Contribution of the Internet to the Society

 The Internet

 The internet in the past quarter of a century was defined by a network of computers with a small community. Computer use was only with a corporate IT department and in laboratories for research.  No one imagined the great importance that the internet would play in the life we live today. The internet today is becoming one of the most important things in our lives. Modern internet is a global network that has contributed to effective and fast communication as well as many other contributions.

The internet plays a central role among individuals, governments and businesses. The internet has transformed all the aspects in our life ranging from our culture to the development of new industries. We can use it to communicate with other people, get information, spend free time through it, work and learn. Communication because of the internet has become seamless and instantaneous. This is the Internet Age where global commerce has been improved. Thus, the internet is an acting force behind commerce and cultural transformation. It has really changed our lives and has made the world a small village.

Everyone needs to connect and communicate with others like family, friends, or classmates. The internet has made communication very easy. For example, many people have a Skye, a MS, or Face book, and all what we need is to register and sign a username and password to get connected to the internet. There are a lot of people who leave their families for studies, so by the internet, they can connect with their families.

The internet is a valuable source to get information. Now most newspapers have a website on the web.  We can read many newspapers free from the internet instead of buying a paper copy.  News networks like CNN and BBC have a website and we can get the latest news through it. It makes us realize what is happening in the whole world. By getting news information, we become more knowledgeable and educated and it helps us to understand the differences in the world. The academic community has been formed which involves academicians and government sponsored research through the internet.

  Such researchers have developed and commercialized the private sector. The internet is a wonderful tool to find out any subject students need. There are many sites which offer tutorials where we can learn languages, math and other cultures studies. Through using the World Wide Web, searching for information has been simplified as well as the sharing and accessing of information. Now, many universities and schools provide lectures and course materials through programs like Black Board, which have helped professors and students to use technology and save time.

The internet is really a great way to spend our free time and having fun. For instance, playing video games and online playing. Also, products and services from various businesses can easily be grasped through the internet.  These businesses are located in various regions of the world and clients can order for the services and the products they want through online means.

 In conclusion, I think that internet is really important in our lives. It has connected the world and made it a small village. The internet is the source of all information about any subject we need. Through search engines like Google, yahoo, Amazon.Com, wikipedia and answers.Com, we get all the vital information around the globe. Finally, the internet is a technology which has simplified communication and we can spend our time by searching for news or talking with friends. The internet is simply a depiction of human potential. 


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