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Assessing English Language Learners

             An English teacher should understand the importance of analyzing data from student’s performance so as to guide them to success. For this to happen, an instructor has to plan ways of differentiating instructions basing on the four elements which are, Data analysis, differentiating, rubrics and goal setting.

                Rubrics are the checklists which give what is expected of every student. This also helps an individual student to keep truck of their performance level.  The instructor has to give every student a rubric so that they know what is expected of them before assessment.  After students have understood their expectation they are then given goals to achieve.  The student’s process and product is equally measured in goal setting. After the completion of assessment the educator further has to categorize the various skills within fields of study.  This will give teachers an idea of what patterns and trends of learning behaviors are best understood by a student. This data has to be graphed as a way of self monitoring of ones progress.  An instructor will also be able to identify areas of strength and weakness in the classroom.

             Such  a  data  analysis  process  in  teaching  second language learners helps them to appreciate by knowing before hand the skills they are going to learn as  well as  what is  expected of them. Goals setting help students to perform better.  This mode also helps educators to know their students better by setting for them goals to achieve and analyze their data. . The bottom line of this mode is that it recognizes that all learners are different and they grasp concepts depending on their personal life experience (Margo, 2008, p 170)


Margo, G (2008) Assessing English language learners: bridges from language proficiency to academic achievement, Publisher Corwin Press, university of Michigan, p 170 


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