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Flawless 2009

                Flawless 2009 is an American Movie about a bunch of strange characters living at rundown hotel in NYC. The stars are Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert De Niro. The Film Flawless was directed by Joel Schumacher who also wrote the screen play. The casting members are Wilson Jermaiane Heredia and Daphne Rubin-Vega. Many of the other characters are drag queens who are having annual contests for the flawless female impersonator.

                The film features De Niro as Walter Koontz who is a homophobic New York Police o-officer. He suffers a stroke which has made him to be paralyzed partially which a severe impairment of his speech. He attends singing lessons as recommended by his physical therapists for his to improve his speech clarity. Koontz is however very ashamed of his impairment because h e can hardly walk. He seeks help from his neighbor Philip Hoffman. The neighbor is an s flamboyant pre-operative transsexual who is also a drag performer. As they interact they discover that they have a great Del in common despite the fact that they each deeply prejudiced against the analog

               Walk retires mild while responding to a disturbance in the hotel their relationships goes from antagonism to mutual respect. This happens where crooks and money are involved and Rusty wants to get enough money to have drug therapy and the operation to become a real woman that.


              Filmmaker Joel  Schumacher  retreated  to a more personal  style  of  a lower  budget  of  the project  by  writing  and  directing  a  drama  that is  character-driven  comedy. He  use  a  heavy  hand in his  plot with  his  cramming  in  clichés us as a  supporting  cast  of  New  York  eccentrics and  drug  deal gone  sour that  are out  of  central  casting.  The main  substance in his  tale is  the relationship  that  develops  between  Walt  who is  Robert  Niro,  the stroke  Victim  and  the Drag  queen  Rusty (Seymour  Hoffman). This relationship shows the director’s talent.  the delightful character  interaction  that  forms  the  main  theme  in  Flawless  1999  can b e attributed  in  the great  part  to   a pair of  a  unique  gifted  performance.

              The film Flawless 2009 has some humors scenes while some parts an Over the top especially with the drag queens. The movie has a slow pace with both bad and good guys who are shot and killed. The film is generally touching, poignant, and even preachy, predictable and factiously noble. The main theme surrounds the issues of prejudice in all forms, flawless gives the notion the viewers they all contributed to how we understand the world today.

               The characters are portrayed with various personalities there are the straight, conservative characters like the police officer and the liberal characters acting as drag queen. The drag queens are the most amazing characters whose area comfortable en talented and out to act their role; Wesssex Snipes and Patrick Swayaw have succeeded in playing feminine characters as drag queens. They are the ones who give the movie some humorous aspects.

              De Niro and Hoffman as they do their highly appealing redaction of dueling libidos, each feel the need to defend their v sexual preference. Mr. Hoffman is a representation of a much darker sexual confusions just like in the film Happiness when he acts as Todd Hoffman. He transcends the stereotype popularism in the film The Birdcage. In this Film the Flawless he breathes his gentleness and  grace  by  finding  the fractured  soul inside  an  outrageous  flamboyant  bon Vivant. De  Niro  on the other  hand  employs  his  great  mechanical  skill  to  mimic  convincingly the mannerism s of   a  seem  paralyzed  person  which  the viewers  find  some  sought of  humor  there which is  a  courageous  and   bold  choices  . 

              Credit must  be  given  to  Schumacher  for  crafting  the screens in  this  film.  he  chooses his  leads  well  which  he  lets  them  shine  instead  of  overwhelming  them  with visual  and  gloss wizardry . however,  there  some  periodic  forays  in  hand –wringing  ,  and  over-the  -top  melodrama.

 The portrayal of the person with disabilities

              Persons  with  disabilities  either  physical  and intellectual  have  negative e language  that  may a lead  to  harmful   discrimination,  actions  and  negative  stereotype  which  might  lead  to  violence.  We see this aspect in Robert Niro.  This  happens  in  a scene  where  he  seeks  help from  his  neighbor drag  queen  Rusty  in  his singing  lesson.  Niro  refuses  to  continue  with  singing  which  Rusty  ends  pestering  him  to  continue  with  the lessons.  Niro is angered and   abuses Rusty because of self stereotyping himself.

                    People  with  disability  do  not  want  to be  labeled  with  any  degrading  term   neither  do they  want  to be  defined  by their  particular  disabilities  or  disabilities. Disability is a natural part of human disability or disabilities. disability is  a  natural  part  of  human  existence which  can  be from  birth  or  develops  later  in  life  through  accidents .  disability is  therefore  an  aspect  of  human  diversity   and  it  is  preferable  to  use  first  language  that  places emphasis  on  the person  instead  of the disability. For  example  it s  appropriate  to  say  a  persons  with  a disability  than  to say  the disabled.

                  People with  disabilities  also  do  not  want   to be  referred  as  an  object or  victim  of  pity. They are not victims. Therefore  people  should  avoid  using  terms  like  suffers  from,  afflicted  with,  bound  confines, or  any  other  term  that  implies  tragedy. For  example   one  should  not  use  the term  wheel  chair  bound  instead,  one  should  use  victim  of  quadriplegia.

 The most common characteristic of people with disabilities

  1. with  disabilities  may  show   signs  of oral  developmental  challenges,  deficit  of  memory  skills,  social  withdrawal,  problem  solving  skills,  social  inhibitions    and  poor  self-care.  There could also be behavioral disorder is also known as conduct disorder. The  disorders  are  the common  forms  of  psycho  pathology  among  young  adults  and children. In  a  given  setting,  there  will  there  will be  people with  various condition,  abilities,  skills   and  temperament.  Some will have behavioral/ emotional disorders that have or have not been diagnosed.  Others may have  health  and  physical  impairments  that  require  special  teaching  and  living  equipments. These  are the  broad  aspects  that the one should  consider  and  be  aware  of.

              The film Flawless 2009,  has  characters  who  are  in  one  way  or  another  are disabled.  Robert  Niro  disability is  an  effect  of  stroke  which  has  paralyzed  his  limb  partially and  has  also affected  his  speech. He  feels  ashamed  of  his  condition  which is  one  of  the emotional  condition  that  people  with  disability feel,  this why  though  half heartedly he  seeks  help  from  his  neighbor  to  help  him  improve e his  speech. He  suffers  from stress when  forced  by  Rusty  to try  harder  in  pronouncing  and singing  along  with  the tone  of  the piano.  This  annoys  Niro  and  the  storms  out  of  the house  mumbling  back  at  Rusky. High  temperament is  one of the aspect  that  most  people  with  disability  experience  . this  is because  they  feel  that  they  are  being  laughed  at.

                Rusky,  Wesssex Snipes and Patrick Swayaw who  are the Drag  queens  have  their  one  disability by  not  accepting their  male gender. They  dress  and  behave  like  woman  an d in fact  they  imitate all  the aspects  of women  such  as  fashioning,  cat walking,  admiring their  bodies  and  speaking  like  woman.  This  is  a  form  of  mental  disability which  though  they  might  pretend  that  all  is  well  outwardly,  they  are  deep  down weak.  This  is  seen in  Rusky  when  he  realizes  that  though  he  has been  discriminating  Niro,  they  have  something in common.  He  wishes  to  have  enough  money  for his  medical  and  surgical  therapy  to  become  a  woman  he  is.


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