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Personal Narrative

              For many people, a wallet or purse for this use, they are something precious that carrier’s a valuable thing. In everyday life, we have things that we need to carry such as money, license, business card, and keys just to mention a few. A wallet acts like a safe in your everyday life because it helps store those valuable needs and carry them with ease. Losing a wallet is the worst thing that may change someone’s day. An individual feels depressed when the wallet is lost until the time he will recover it. Personally I use my wallet in keeping things that I may require in the day such as money, keys, and cards. I was good at taking care of my wallets until recently when I got depressed after losing it on a particularly significant day.

 I use my wallet as a store in keeping small things that are of interest in a given day. Like everybody else there, I use my wallet to keep dire personal things such as pictures and my license. I value my wallet because it is where I keep money for personal use in a given time. There are times when I carry some certificates or vital letters in my wallet when travelling upcountry. Last summer, I went with my family for a three day retreat in a hotel that was several miles away from home. Like I would in any other time, I carried my wallet that had vital documents, money, keys for the house, my license, and some business cards. In the wallet is where I had kept the receipt that I used to book the place where we were going to stay for the three retreat period.

I drove down with my wallet having all necessary things that I had planned to use for that period. When a person doesn’t have pockets it becomes difficult to carry the wallet everywhere he goes. It becomes hard to keep their wallets next to them. The journey to the hotel started well, but we had to stop to fix one of the tires. As we waited for the tire fix, we decided to take some juice in the nearby restaurant. I was carrying the keys and my wallet on the hands. After we were through taking the juice and the tire was fixed, we come out, and I set my keys and the wallet on top of the car. When all was ready for us to depart, I took the keys from the top of the car in order to start the car leaving my wallet. The doors were open thus no one thought about the wallet which i had placed on top of the car.

 Looking at the watch, I realized we were running short of time thus I told the rest of the group to hurry up. We all entered into the car leaving the wallet on top of the car and left. I had been driving for about 40 minutes when I started looking for the wallet to get my fuel card to refill in the next petrol station when I realized I had lost the wallet. I pulled the car over and looking on top there was nothing. The wallet had fallen on the way. I was depressed since I had to ask my dad for some money something I had not done for over 4 years. It was embarrassing because my dad took the responsibility of funding the retreat something that I was supposed to fund because the idea of the retreat was developed by me and not my dad. I felt too miserable because I knew that I had lost some of my valuable things that account to my everyday activities such as driving license, cards, and some documents.

 After realizing that I was depressed, my dad took control of the entire plan even started driving because I had also lost the driving license. We went and spent the three day retreat in the place we had booked. Two days after the retreat period, my sister was called by a Sherriff. This was from the Marathon County, and she was informed by a deputy about a lost wallet. He left the information to my sister on how I would collect my wallet if I was interested. My sister informed me about my found a wallet, and I rushed to pick it to the Sherriff’s department. I was happy to recovery my wallet although I did not recover the money I had carried. That was not something to worry because the most vital things were all in the wallet.

 Apart from that day, I have never lost a wallet and the experience was not good. I was lucky to recover the wallet, but it's lost has taught me a lesson of keeping the wallet and taking care of it. 


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