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How Physical Education Teachers can Effectively Incorporate all four Aspects of Language arts into their Teaching and Learning

                The development and objectives for language arts curriculum can be determined by the following four aspects; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Physical education teachers can consider these aspects because they suggest student’s understanding and most important abilities in their development and study of language arts. Physical, exercise improves overall health of students.  The positive effects of  physical activity on  education is reflected on school performance because it leads to reduced disruptive behaviors, better concentration  and high test score in math, reading and writing (Satcher , 2005).

               SIOP model shows that the objectives in learning English as a second language must include the appropriate and meaningful activities that provide learners the opportunity to apply and practice acknowledge.  These objectives must be observable and measurable. Interaction component in the SIOP model can be adopted by physical education teachers. Interaction offers ELs with the opportunity to become proficient through frequent use of English language. This is an aspect that for a long time has been ignored; in that the English learners are given little chance to speak English during extra curricular activities.

             The model of interaction eliminates those tendencies of using the native language outside the classroom which is a common aspect to most ELs. An effective lesson plan should not only incorporate classroom reading and writing but it goes beyond to include interaction with teachers and students. Deliberate teaching practice reinforces classroom work and exposes student to practical English.

                This shows that even teachers who are not teachers of English have a role to play in facilitating the English learner’s development. The physical education teachers can use various forms of presentation like through written, reading, listening and writing   material which enables the student to present their understanding and knowledge in various ways during physical activities. Thus, helps the learners to effectively respond to diversity within the student population. Physical education can therefore be used as an approach and strategy to enhance the learning achievement of English learners outside the classroom.


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On May 8, 2010


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