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Teaching Children
             The foundation  of  special  education  is  based  on  understanding  ,  self  assessment, connection  to IDEAs  project,  learning and  teaching  management and  school  wide  positive  support.  Research of scheme theorists supports the importance of teachers initiating ready to read strategies. This  calls  for  pre work  before  the students  read  a  topic under study   or  a  book.  This will help teachers reflect and discover much about the topic. If  the students  knowledge is  limited  concerning  a topic, the  teacher  will  consider  adding  additional  knowledge  prior to  reading to help  students improve  engagement  and  comprehensions(Howard, 2009, 75). 
              The teacher will then recommend the strategies of reading in order to understand a topic.  This involves skimming through the material for students to gain a shallow knowledge of the material.  For  moderate knowledge,  scanning  is the strategy  which  comprises of reading  the summaries  and  the introduction  ion  detail. For  detailed  knowledge, the teacher  should  recommend  a prior overview  of the subjects  for students  to  understand  the structure of the topic.  This will help a student while reading because he/ she will be able to grasps the content of the material. This  can  only  be  done  when  a   teachers  has first   decided on the important aspects  in  the text ,synthesize  the material  and  drawn  inferences  during  and  after  reading (Howard, 2009, p 120).
                  As a  teacher  I  have  to consider  the ability  of  exceptional  students  in  reading.  This will, assists the students to be comfortable with reading despite their differences.  The students  with  special  needs  have  strength  which  are their  key  to their success.  These  students  work  well with  intellectual  challenges depending their  areas  of interest  and  ability.  For this  to happen the students  require  full  support  to accommodate  their  areas of  weakness. They should therefore have programs that support their special needs. The  most important  aspect  is  to  build  a  classroom  where  all  students  are  learning and helping  the children  who  have  been  left behind  to  catch  up with ethers.  A teacher should constantly learn from meaningful work. 
Howard, W. L. (2009). Exceptional children: An Introduction to Special Education, Ninth Edition, Pearson Education, Inc. p 120
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