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Educating Exceptional Children

 The topic Educating Exceptional Children: Understanding Persons with Intellectual Disabilities explains intellectual disabilities (Heward, 2008). It helps teachers understand children with learning disabilities like intellectual disabilities. In addition, the text explains how the various types of disabilities originate and affect students learning. The text explains how to help children with learning disabilities (Heward, 2008). For example, the text explains how different forms of memory affect learning like long term memory and short term memory. Most children with learning disabilities fail to get good education like normal students. This is because children with learning disabilities like intelligence have learning difficulties (Heward, 2008).

The text reading helps teachers understand learning disabilities and know how to integrate different students in the classroom. The text explains how the deficit can affect academic skills like reading, writing expressions etc. This makes it easy for teachers to use the right interventions when educating children with learning disabilities. The chapter shows how teachers can promote classroom behaviors that include children with disabilities and general classroom students (Heward, 2008). Different classroom interventions are used in general education classroom to educate children with disabilities and general students. Understanding children with intelligence disabilities helps teacher’s structure curriculum to fit all the students (Heward, 2008).

  The content of the chapter can be applied in classroom and in instructions. For example, understanding what is meant by intellectual disability will help teachers’ structure classroom instructions according to the level of disability. For instance, children with low intellectual disability will be offered different instructions from children with learning disability. The content can be used in structuring education curriculum so as to enhance inclusion of general education students and children with mental disabilities (Heward, 2008). 


Heward, W. L.  Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education, Ninth Edition, Merill, 2008 (Chapter 12)


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