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The Key Points in the Text Reading

              Good reading strategy requires a teacher to read in a very efficient way.  The  best  strategy  is  first  to  enable  the students   to  know  what  they  have  to  know.  They  should  know  that  reading  is  done  with  a  purpose  and  not  simply  reading  for  pleasure.  A second step is to highlight how deeply to study the material.  This is through skimming through the material if one needs shallow knowledge, one can skim   through a material.  For  moderate  knowledge  one can   scan  through  the material  where  one  reads  the introduction and  summaries in  detail.  But if  detailed  knowledge is  required the  best  reading  technique is  to first  overview  the subject.  This will assist in an understanding of the structure of the topic.  Then when reading, one will grasp the details of the material through receptive reading.  The best technique to get full understanding is through SQ3R (Howard, 2009, p 120).

               While helping  exceptional  children in reading,  I have to have creative  ideas  for  accommodation  and  modification  of the education curriculum.  This will  help me serve  the particular  needs  of the student  because  their  ability differs  from  one student  to another.  Each of the method should benefit each student.

  Is should also consider the fact that their strengths are the key to success.  They thrive on intellectual challenges in their areas of ability and interest.  These  student  require  full  support and this  can be  provided   with  informally  and  formalized  individualized  education  program. The support  will  come from  constant encouragement  ,  compensation  strategy  and  accommodation of the areas  of  weakness  of the child.  These children  should  be  placed  in  school that  meets  the need  of the twice  exceptional  children  which has  become  a challenge  for parents.  Therefore  as a  teacher, I will  have to be well  informed  to help  parents  place  their  children  in  institutions  where they can  be  fully  assisted  either  in  a private  or  public  school.


Howard, W. L. (2009). Exceptional children: An Introduction to Special Education, Ninth Edition, Pearson Education, Inc. (Chapters 4 & 7)


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