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  Dissertation Discussion


Inclusion in schools involves a situation whereby learners with disabilities are allowed to spend more time with their colleagues who do not have disabilities. Inclusion is advantageous as it reduces discrimination of learners and they are given a chance to form stronger relationships with their classmates who may help them achieve their goals. Similarly, this boosts their self-esteem and their academic performance is improved. However, inclusion may reduce the chances of the disabled learner to perceive some concepts in class which may require specialized teaching. At times the learners may use special apparatus which distract other students hence creating a rift due to such disturbance. Full inclusion enables the learner to appreciate the essence of team work as well as allowing them to acknowledge problems that affect other learners which increases the spirit of togetherness.

 Facilities available for parents wit special needs children

The federal law has a provision for children wit disabilities gaining free admission to public schools which will provide the appropriate learning facilities. While at school, the special needs learners should be given special services such as modified examinations as well as assigning the most appropriate sitting position in class. Privately run special children support systems do not combine the special needs children with those who are leading normal lives. This creates a huge discrepancy as the scope of thinking of the young mind is narrowed a situation which may greatly impact normal growth. Parents with children who have disabilities should seek the services of public institutions due to diversity of resources as incorporation of their normal peers who are fundamental in their growth and self-realization. 


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