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Religious Teachings

 Religion is always a controversial issue in our present world. Lack of clear understanding lead people to harbour half baked ideas that lag the world behind. This can be evidenced by the September 11th attack in the U.S which came as a result of  different religious ideologies between the Muslims and Christians.

 Nonetheless, clear teaching about our religious beliefs may prove quite helpful. Over the years I have engaged myself in Bible study fellowships. This was after the realisation that spiritual growth was better experienced in a group rather than individually.

 Earlier on I had tried in vain to understand some parts of the Bible on my own without much progress. However after joining the Bible study fellowships I got to understand the Bible better and hence I gained much spiritual growth. Most people in my fellowships had difficulties understanding the book of revelation, but after attending several fellowships it was clear to everyone on the teachings of the book.

 Nevertheless there are a few areas that must be worked on either by our churches or individual groups if our bible study fellowships are to achieve their objectives. You will find most of our churches have turned out to be more of commercial rather than religious institutions. The bible study guides should be given for free to ensure that all in the society, the have and have-nots gain access to them.

 Secondly, the churches should appoint bible study leaders who have at least some theological knowledge. This will ensure that they guide the groups to interpret the bible correctly. In a nutshell the ball goes back to the church society to ensure that their flocks are not misled by misinterpretation of the bible. If this is implemented Christians will be in a better position to defend their beliefs like our Muslim counterparts.


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