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Judging people based on their gender, religion, class, race and other parameters has become a common phenomenon in the world over. This issue is not new; it has been there since time immemorial. However this kind of misjudgement which normally takes place through stereotyping is very detrimental to development. Many are the times when people of a particular ethnic community cannot hold particular positions due to the negative connotation associated with their community. Some forms of stereotyping are restricted to particular geographical areas whereas others are widespread.

 Unlike Africa whereby the major form of discrimination is that against women, the western world mainly discriminate people in regard to their race. People of the white race are considered to be more superior to their coloured counterparts. These ideologies were carried over to other parts of the world especially during the colonisation era. This can be  exemplified by south Africa during the apartheid era.

 Discrimination of the coloured people in America is evident at every juncture. Most renowned companies in America are run and managed by the white people. This is following the belief that Africans cannot lead others. In fact it came as a surprise to many white Americans when President Barrack Obama won the elections. This is because it was a common belief among many that a black person is not worthy to lead white people.

 Secondly, discrimination based on race is evident in the American education system. Schools are segregated according to the skin colour. Only a few rich black children attend the same schools with the white children. More often than not, this black dominated schools are ill equipped as compared to schools attended by the white children. Because of this the white children are more equipped with the much required practical skills compared to the black children.

 The third instance of this discrimination can be observed from the patterns of settlements in the western world. Most black people are bundled up in the less affluent states. The reason for this is because the coloured people cannot get highly paying jobs and thus cannot afford to live in the more developed states. The crime rate of those states occupied by the black people is also very high. This is partly because of the kind of lifestyle present in those states. To cater for their daily needs they are forced to engage in criminal activities.

 Through the years of discrimination, many coloured people have lost their self worth. Watching reality programs like Tyra show and Oprah Winfrey Show, it is evident that most Africans have long ceased to love themselves. There are those who openly confess to hating themselves for the simple reason: they were born black. This loss of self esteem and self worth impedes one from realising their full potential and thus pulling the world behind in terms of development.

 The recent proposed health bill by President Obama has been turned down by many especially whites. This is because they feel implementing the bill will benefit the black people who form the bulk of poor people in America.

 In addition the raging wave of crime in America can partly be blamed on this. Lack of adequate education, lack of employment, and years of ridicule because of their skin colour has turned many into anti social behaviour. To propagate for a safer world people must learn to accept others as they are and believe in their contribution to the world development.


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