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A Significant Birthday Party

             Every person has an event that he/she considers significant in his life.  The event influences a person either positively or negatively.  Some of the events include school graduation ceremony, weddings and birthday. A birthday is an important occasion, and people want to do something momentous.  The birthday is the most noteworthy happening in my life and it was the most essential event in my child hood as I longed to celebrate my birthday.

               My parents had started planning for the birthday event early enough to ensure everything went as expected.  My parents had determined the number of people who would attend the event.  Deciding the number of persons to attend a birthday party helps in planning and ensures everything works out as intended. Additionally, my parents identified the friends and relatives to be included in the birthday party.  Also, they decided who was going to fund the birthday party.    In most parties, the guests pay for the party including travel arrangements. The guests were not supposed to pay for the party as my parents decided to pay.  My parents paid for the travelling arrangements and other activities related to the party.  Moreover, my parents decided how long the party should take. The party was supposed to start at around 3 pm and end at around 11pm.

 Two weeks before the birthday party, my mother informed me about the guests and how my party would be. She handed me all the invitations two weeks before the birthday, and I ran from residence to residence issuing the invitations. I was so happy while issuing the invitations to my friends, classmates and neighbors. I will never  forget  that time of happiness,  and the  look on my face  and my friends, neighbors and classmates,  faces when I gave them the invitations. We were all excited about the occasion. I did not leave any person out as this was the greatest day in my life and I wanted all people to be present at the party.

 The birthday event took place at my backyard, and I was seven years old during this time. All of my comrades, relatives and neighbors’ were there. I had my friends from our neighborhood   and some of my friends from school. Also, my mother had invited my classmates to celebrate my birthday with me.  A total of 8 classmates were invited to the birthday event.  Apart from my classmates, my brother also attended the birthday party. My brother was dressed smartly too. I was dressed smartly for the occasion as I had a blue dress and a pony tail hair.  I decided to wear my favorite dress during   the big day as I had longed to wear the dress while attending functions.  I only wore the dress while attending special occasions like birthday parties for my friends and weddings.

 During the birthday party, I had a lot of fun with my friends and classmates.  We played different kinds of games as we celebrated. We played from 3 pm to 4 pm and then went swimming in our pool.  I liked the swimming experience though I was not good at swimming. My friends and classmates enabled me learn how to swim, and it was fantastic.  After the swimming experience, the birthday party started officially.  My mother had prepared the backyard well to accommodate each person. When I arrived at the backyard, my friends and classmates started shouting Happy Birthday and sung a happy birthday song for me. A bunch of different colored balloons rose to the air as they sang the song.  We started the birthday party with cutting a cake. My mother had prepared a vanilla cake for my birthday.  The cake was delicious, and everyone enjoyed it.  Additionally, my mother had prepared different types of foods for the guests. The guests were served with different drinks, snacks and foods.  We ate the foods and snacks and danced to the music.

 The most exciting moment of my birthday party was when I started receiving gifts. My parents, brother, relatives, classmates and friends gave me different kinds of presents. It was a surprise as I received many presents. My mother gave me a white dog as my birthday present.   The dog was big and playful.  My mother’s dog was very vital in my childhood experience as I used to play with it. The dog’s company in the afternoon was good as it ensured I was not bored after school. However, the dog became sick and this hindered me from playing with it.  My dad gave a watch and a camera.  The watch and camera were very special to me as it was the first time to have a watch and camera. I used to wear the watch each day while at home and at school.  We used the camera to take lovely pictures during the birthday party.  I took pictures of my friends, classmates, neighbors and relatives.  My parents also took pictures of me with my friends, classmates, relatives and neighbors.   The pictures are still there in the family album. My neighbors gave me various gifts including toys and clothes. My classmates and friends gave me chocolates, sweets and flowers as gifts. The birthday party ended before 11pm and all guests left to their homes.

 This was the happiest day and most memorable birthday party as I felt loved and appreciated. All the guests and relatives gave me the attention, care and support needed. I wish all people would have a happy birthday like mine.


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