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Abortion- Sociological Perspective

            Abortion is an issue which has become part of headlines in many newspapers. This is due to reactions of different people and groups concerning legislation of abortion. This essay will review abortion in a sociological perspective highlighting different aspects associated with it.

             The debate on abortion gets heated because some people feel that abortion should be abolished while others argue that is should be legalized. Those who against abortion reason that life begins at conception, and hence the unborn child has equal human rights with any other living person. This makes them state that abortion is murder and that those involved should be charged with murder in a court of law, (NPN, 2010).

             On the other hand, those who support abortion say that preventing abortion means infringing the personal lives of individuals and denying them the right to exercise whatever they wish with their bodies. Some argue that if abortion is not legalized, cases of teen mothers will increase and there will be a rise in poverty due the increased out-of-wedlock children and single mothers.

             Evaluating the weight on each argument sociologically, it is clear that those advocating for abortion are doing so in selfish motives but not for the common good of all people, including the unborn. Having abortion to control teen-motherhood is a boost for immorality and moral decay in the society as young people will continue to indulge in pre-marital sex. This will also discourage the use of contraceptives such as condoms and hence will increase the risks of spreading STDs.

            It is therefore important to completely evaluate all the dangers that would arise from legislation of abortion before enacting it.


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