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                    Examining Two Contrasting Religions Perspective On Homosexuality


         Christianity and Islam are two religions with contrasting sociopolitical leanings. Different from Islam, Christianity believes in the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ son of the living God. On the contrary, Islam believes in Mohamed as the chief servant or God’s minister who represented God on the earth and through him many people came to know God. Furthermore, Isa is a prophet like Mohamed who was sent on the earth by God to represent Him. In Christianity, Jesus is referred to the son of God, which contradicts with Muslim faith, which believes that, Jesus was just a prophet, and God is not like a human to give birth to a child. The two religions completely differ in some areas of faith, but they share the same origin. Islam was birthed through the illegitimate son of Abraham Ishmael while Christianity has its origin from Abraham (father of faith) through his legitimate son Isaac the linage from which, Jesus belongs.  This assignment is going to focus on examining the way Islam and Christianity, which have sociopolitical leanings, approach the issue of homosexuality. For each group, I shall discuss whether they are supportive of or against gay relationships (gay, as well as, homosexuality).

                                 Christianity and Islam approach on Homosexuality

        First and foremost, Christianity according to the biblical teaching does not support the issue of homosexuality According to Deacon Jay F (1990); majority religious institutions have a strong condemnation against this form of sexual relations since they do not promote the legitimate purpose of re-creation as ordained in the bible. The biblical perspective on homosexuality is condemning and against. As a matter of truth, Genesis 19:4-11 talks about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. This issue is one of the mobs violations of the traditional value of hospitality toward two God sent angles to the city of Sodom. These angles were confronted by an attempt of homosexual rape demanded by the men of this city. Furthermore, Paul in the book of Romans 1:26-32 believes that homosexuality acts are not natural since he perceived the issue of sexuality with dread and disapproval, suggesting that those who are able to abstain can proceed, and those who burn with flesh desires should marry to avoid sinning against God (Ellingson S, 2009). Apparently, Deacon seems supportive to the issue of homosexuality since he challenges some biblical perspective about homosexuality. For example, he argues that Jesus had an enormous deal to say state about the impossibility of the rich attaining salvation, but had nothing to state about homosexuality (Ellingson S, 2009). Additionally, he states that Paul’s argument in the book of 1stcorinthians 6:9-10 and 1st Timothy 1:5-10 does not condemn homosexual and more, so the term homosexuals is not justified by the Greek text.

        On the other hand, Islam also strongly condemns homosexuality affairs as unGodly and taboos in Islam. The Islam faith believes in creation continuity as ordained by God. In addition like Christianity perspective against homosexuality basing on the story in genesis about Sodom and Gomorrah, Islam religion is also against homosexuality (Mission Islam, n.d). Qur’an 7:80-81 condemns creatures that leave their legitimate wives and go to same sex partners. Islam, through Mohamed’s (Hadith) condemns a man mounting on another man because it is an abomination that shakes God’s throne.  The people caught in such acts should be killed and terminated from the face of the earth since their act is a disgrace to God and the community in its entirety (Mission Islam, n.d).  

                                                 The Transformation of Jeans   

          The Jeans wears were originally clothes used by men working on mines such as coal mines among others. Levis jeans were popular during 1880’s since men working at mines used to wear those jeans just because they head a strong material that could not wear and tear easily during their undertakings on the hard mining tasks. On the other hand, jeans were also used by Mexican cowboys during their grazing activities on enormous grass luncheons. The Cowboys also used to ride on horses some of which were dressed in hard jean cloaks on the sitting area uses to protect them from direct contact with the horse’s skin.

        The jeans wear has undergone a series of transformation both from its purpose and the demand for styles and masculinity. In the past, Jeans were only made for male working heavy duty activities such as mining and grazing. Nonetheless, as time clocked in progress, the perspective of this wear being just for heavy duty activities to social reforms attire. In80’s, Elvis jeans were worn by prisoners who used to serve their in different capacities in and out of prisons since the jeans is a strong fabric that can last for long without getting spoilt. The Jeans culture changed direction and ventures in the field of fashion and design.  In 1980, jeans became fashionable and could be worm by both sex. In addition, smart dresses make of jeans materials were also introduced. These jeans were made as suits that could have a dress and a coat both sleeveless and with sleeves. Men wear also were manufactured as suits with a plain trouser and a coat.   At this time, there was an introduction of skinny male and female wears which were fashionable and stylistic for young people in those years.

             This idea has carried on up to date where the new generation still wears skin tight jeans as fashion attire. In 1970’s, transformation of jeans was witnessed through the exposure of the blue jeans on masses through Hollywood movie star James Dean. Dean’s kind of jeans dress was adopted by many young stars in America by that time. Many youths adopted this fashion, and it became a tip of lure for thousands of young people.  As If not enough, different fashion and design companies introduced patched jeans trousers and tops, which was the fashion in the 80’s and 90’s.  Later on the style changed and new design of knee torn style emerged and carried on till late 90’s when yet another style emerged, which was named as dirty jeans. These jeans are painted some brown colors on different angles such as at the knees, behind on the pockets and on the thighs.


       Through out the years, the jeans transformation has taken its coarse with little bit of moth. Since 1960’s through 70’s and 80’s there has been a drastic transformation of the blue jeans from being men’s wears only to female wears. In the 60’s, blue jeans dresses begun to be introduced in the market as a fashion wear. Different superstars especially in the entertainment industries show cased their blue jeans attires, which was adopted by many young youths at that time. Furthermore, the jeans wear fashion introduced a variety of fashions such as tight jeans for ladies, as well as, men, which presented the change on masculinity.  The jeans wear became a wear for all genders in a stylistic touch.


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