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Impact Of Unemployment On The Society

 Problem statement

Unemployment refers to state of being out of job and it usually occurs when a person is searching for employment and is unable to find work. One of the main causes of unemployment is the economic imbalance in the society. This paper will focus on explaining issues with unemployment and the impact that unemployment has on society. The paper will explain some of the things which usually happen when they people are unemployed.


In today’s society, it is likely that some of us have faced unemployment at one time. Unemployment usually results from insufficient effective demand of services and goods in the economy. Lack of employment is hard on everyone in the society today. There are several issues that usually arise when people are not employed. In most cases, crimes usually arise because people feel that through robbing others and stealing food from the food stores, which is the only way they will be able to survive (Saunders, & Taylor, 2002). When the unemployed people do this, they do not realize the pain they insert on people they steal and rob from.

 High rates of unemployment usually results to low rates of payment because there are many people who are competing for the same jobs and people have no option, but take the job with the pay that is being offered (Mortimer, & Petersen, 2006). The population that is mostly affected with the issue of unemployment is the youths, and this has a strong effect because youths who are unemployed results to a high reliance on most of the social programs. The issue of unemployment is becoming an epidemic which is affecting, most of countries across the world.

Unemployment has a great impact on an individual. Individuals who are unemployed are likely to have a tight economic crunch making them unable to meet their financial obligation. This is likely to result to a decline in the living standard of these people. Failure to have funds have a deep impact on the expenses of the people and consequences of unemployment can result to homelessness because the unemployed people may fail to pay rent or even repay home loans (Mortimer, & Petersen, 2006). Underemployment is one of the serious consequences of unemployment because when people lose jobs, they are usually forced to take any kind of work that comes their way even taking jobs that do not suit their education qualification, experience, and skills.

 The issue of unemployment can affect the psychological state of mind of an individual. The life of the person who is unemployed is likely to change in a big way and very fast. This person is likely to manifest himself in depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and can even decide to commit suicide. In the society, when a family is not able to provide for its family, it tends to place a great burden on the family which results to rupture (Jones, 2005). Unemployment has affected families whereby the loss of employment has increased stress and anxiety, and this has aggravated the existing problems. It has also brought much uncertainty and fear in a family which, at one, time was stable. Because of the fact that children sometimes feed off the emotions of the parents, it is likely to be an increase in stressed out children.

 Stress that is caused by unemployment can result to a decline in family and individual well being. The issue of unemployment is likely to affect the children outcomes. Depressive and stress symptoms, which are usually associated with job loss normally, affect the parenting practice negatively like increasing arbitrary and punitive punishment (Layard, & Layard 2005). Because of this, children usually report more depressive and distress symptoms where depression in children is usually linked to multiple negative outcomes that include substance abuse, academic problems, physical health problems, high risk sexual behaviors, increased risk of suicide, and impaired social relationships.

 Unemployment normally has a major impact on the economy. An economy in which the level of unemployment is high means that the economy is not using its entire resources and mostly labor that is available to it.  The increase in applications of unemployment benefits reflects the loss in the number of jobs that are available for the workers. According to Salem, (2010), he indicates that the actual costs for paying the unemployment benefit of people who are not employed is small as compared to other spending by the government. When unemployment benefits are paid to those people who require it usually benefit the economy of the country. This is because it helps in preventing the individuals who are jobless and their families from overwhelming other government programs like welfares.

 Unemployment usually results to poverty and disease because those individuals who lack employment cannot be able to afford the time and cash so that to provide the right treatment to their children most of whom are weakened because of inadequate diet (Jones, 2005). People without jobs are not able to seek the medical care because of the fact that they lack the cash needed in order to pay for the services or even buy medicines when they are seek. The unemployment tension can increase the general health issue of people. When families are facing financial crisis, sometimes parents tend to turn to their children to help in assisting with the basic needs in the family (Saunders, & Taylor, 2002). Parents can ask children to drop from school so that they can look for jobs so that they can bring some cash home. This act results to child labor because the children will always want to help their parents in any way possible in order to help in resolving some problems in the family.


It is essential for people to understand that a personal failure or success is not only tied to themselves, and in some way a person’s failure or success will bring you down or benefit you, as well. Therefore, the right thing to do during the time of unemployment is trying to get a unique way for people to make money. The issue of lack of employment can only be solved if the government decides to establish strategies which will help people in making money. When people are busy, it is not likely for them to have evil, minds like committing crimes so that to make money as their minds are occupied somewhere else. When people think of committing crimes, it tends to make things worse than they were before. Unemployment usually brings with it anguish, despair, and unhappiness. This is an issue that usually forces people to live lives that they never wished to and it affects life expectancy in a negative manner.


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