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 Getting Along In School

              I have always thought to myself why it is always difficult for people to cope with others well, but never got the answer. Sometimes I think it is because of the values and personalities of people which might cause lack of understanding and even hatred. I recall one time while I was back in school during one afternoon when we were playing with some other students in the field. While playing basketball, the entire team was intensely involved in an emotional game which never ended as required. I was playing in a miserable manner and after the fifth brick, I spiked the ball against the solid wall. The ball flew direct to a one of my friends who were playing with me and from here appearance I knew that all was not well. From where I was standing, I spotted the anger in her face and could not ignore the situations and decided to go and tell her that I was sorry for what had happened.

 For a moment, I could see a large crowd starting to gather like vultures who were trying to pick up meat from an unfortunate loser. These people were continuously saying that we should fight. However, I did not understand the reason as to why these people wanted us to fight. I noticed that the fellow student was ready for a fight, but I started thinking of a strategy which would enable my body to remain intact. I thought of a strategy which I knew was going to work where I used humor as a way of defeating the barbaric beast. I told her that I was too tiny with a feeble body, and there was no need of fighting as he would be the winner. I promised to do anything for her only to avoid being disfigured.

 One thing I knew was that the other girl was stronger than me, and there was no way I would emerge the winner if I engaged in a fight. I understood that the two most effective ways of solving problems were through violence and also non violence. In my opinion, I considered nonviolence as being most effective, and it was also less harmless. My understanding of violence is that a person is trying to counter attack something that is negative with another negative thing or act which is like trying to put of fire with fire. This is an action that results to no progress; instead, it cause more harm. When trying to put of fire, it is better to get water as it is what is used for fighting fire.

 There are several ways in which problems can be solved without resulting to violence. Violence does not help in solving anything because the people who are involved in fighting do not believe that they can end as losers; hence, a person will do anything that they can so that to emerge as a winner. Since I was a kid, my mother always told me that conflict between me and other people cannot be solved through fighting. Violence is not a positive way for solving a problem; instead, I should look for another way in which the issue will be solved and forgotten. The strategy that I have always been using is by taking the losing end as assume that I am not strong enough to fight with anyone. In this situation, I resulted to putting myself at the losing end. The girl I had injured was ready to fight me, but I promised her favors so that to avoid violence. The non violence and violence way of solving the issue tend to end up in the same end, but the strategy that I used was a sign of humane and compassionate perspective.

  I usually have the belief that my brain is much strong than my fist, but the fact remain that it always appears to be less satisfying to holding a non violent act than disfiguring the body of another person. This is something which is extremely hard to remove from the thoughts of many people as many people tend to feel satisfied when they get into a fight with someone else as a way of solving the conflict. The tactic that I decided to use on this particular day just to keep all my organs intact succeeded although the crowd that had gathered at the scene was not happy with what I did. The crowd started laughing at me and making jokes of how a coward I was not to fight the other girl. The girl in anger eventually lost interest in me and joined the others and started laughing at me on my way to the classroom even before the bell rang.  This experience gave me the chance of making a choice between two things and I knew the choice I made was better than the other one. There is a saying that goes like, a coward usually strikes by the fist while warrior strikes with his mind and I used this tactic in resolving the problem. 


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