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My Lost Wallet

            A wallet is one of the most precious items that most people usually carry. A wallet usually contains personal items like credit cards, identification documents, business card, cash, photographs, or paper cards. These are the most essential items than money that a person carries in everyday life. If a person happens to lose their wallet for a day, it is likely going to result to a lot of unrest all through the day. It is likely for a person to be depressed or stressed because of the lost of their wallet for some time. This is because they might have lost some items of great sentimental value which was in the wallet. There things that people usually store in the wallet that is of great value and the loss of such an item can result to a lot of damage. People who have lost such an item that was in the wallet may keep holding the feelings for a very long period of time until the time they will find their items, which will result to a lot of joy.

 The worst experience that I have ever had is when I first lost my wallet. Personally, I usually keep some of the small documents in my wallet. Since I was a teenager, I always kept the things that I could have an interest in knowing where they were in my wallet. I had always been good in keeping my wallet safe and never misplace or lose it until recently when I lost my wallet. Since the first time, I lost my wallet for the first time I have lost it two other times, but not as serious as the first time.  Some of the items that I usually keep in my wallet are some personal documents like license, cash, my identification documents, business cards, certificates for stores, and some pictures which I value a lot in my life.

 During this summer, I decided to go to take my family to visit some place. I made sure that I put every important item in my wallet and drove to the place. I made sure that I took my wallet everywhere I went. It is sometimes hard to keep my wallet next to me when I do not have pockets because it is likely to forget it where I have placed it. When we arrived at the hotel, I took my car keys and my wallet and walked direct to the hotel. Once we were through with whatever we were doing, I took the keys and forget to take my wallet, which I had placed right next to the seat where I was seated. We walked out from the hotel and went direct to the car and waited for the kids to get in the car then closed the door and drove away not remembering that I did not collect my wallet when living.

 After I had driven for about half a mile, I looked at the side, and that is when I noticed that my wallet was missing. I asked the kids if they had my wallet with them, but none of them had it. When we all realized that it was missing, I immediately pulled the car over and for the next half an hour we spent time looking for the wallet. I searched for the wallet wondering the effect I would experience if I would never find my wallet again. My wallet had some personal documents, license, and approximately twenty dollars. We searched all over, but there was nothing to be found. After spending some time looking for the wallet, we gave up and allowed my older son to drive back home. It was hard to believe that I had lost my precious wallet, and this made me depressed for the entire day. That was one of the most stupid thing that I had ever done because I did not even remember where I had placed it.

 After two, days, I received a call from my mother and told me that she had been contacted by the sheriff’s department. When my mother answered the call, the sheriff informed them about their identity and hard to confirm whether she was so and so. My mother responded positively to every question and asked what it was all about. The sheriff officer asked her if she knew anybody by the name Kerry David and she said that it was her daughter. He went ahead and said that she had found my wallet that was left in a hotel being the reason he had called. The sheriff left information on how he would be contacted, and my mother made sure that he called me immediately so that I would collect the wallet. I immediately went to get my wallet from the sheriff, and I was at least relieved knowing that all my documents were there apart from the cash. My carelessness in misplacing my wallet has taught me a lesson, and I have been able to be very careful with my items mostly my wallet that holds a lot of special items.


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