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The Accident

          I used to live a reckless life. My life was all about friend sand parties. I used to spend entire weekends drinking and partying. Then, nothing seemed to enormous for me. This was until one night changed my life. The events of this night began taking shape at 3.00 pm in the afternoon. I decided to leave work early because it was on a Friday afternoon. I had excellent plans for the evening and thus, I headed home to make preparation. The daytime was extremely bright that I could feel the glaring rays of the sun bouncing off my head as walked to the nearby parking lot to pick up my car. I drove straight home where I began making preparation for the big night a head.

 Friday nights were always party nights. This Friday was no different. I called up my friends John, Jane and Hurry to find where we would meet for the night. Arrangements were made on the venue and time our party. The venue was one of the popular entertainment spots in the city and center. We were to meet up at 9.00 pm in the night, and so I waited patiently for this time. It was a seamless plan, and everything went on perfectly.  At 8.45 pm, I was at the door of our party venue. I cannot remember any other instant that I have been this early for an appointment. I was perfectly dressed in readiness for a long night out. I strategically picked my deep blue jeans and my heavy leather jacket to help me fight the cold of the night. This selection of cloth proved to be a wise move. The weather condition of that night was a complete contrast of what I had experienced during the day. The night was extremely chilly and windy. However, the prevailing weather condition was not about to ruin our party mood.

 I did not wait for long before my friends arrived. John, Jane and Hurry all arrived at the same time. They were riding in the same car. My friends had also dressed up for the occasion. Jane looked totally stunning. Her sweatshirt shirt was an exert match for the camouflage pant. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. Without wasting our precious time, we went into the entertainment establishment. Our night had just begun. It was only 9.00 pm in the evening, but the place was extremely packed. The music was loud and the noise from the conversing people was even louder. This did not dampen our spirits. On the contrary, the electrifying atmosphere within the place activated our party spirits.

John, Jane Hurry and I went straight to one of the free tables and ordered a few drinks. We held casual conversion as we took our drinks. We share our experiences of the week and exchange jokes. I remember my friends laughing so loud at the jokes made by other. My friends who had started out quietly began to act widely as the alcohol began to take its toll. After about an hour and half, everyone had gone wild. Jane and Hurry were on the floor dancing while John and I continued ordering and taking additional drinks. The night was ecstatic. We were having pure, unadulterated fun, or so we thought.  We order various brands of beverages. We kept on moving between our dance stage and our table. Time went by in a flash, and without realizing it was 2.00 am in the morning. Fatigue had begun to creep in, and so we decided to head home. Hurry said that I was too drunk to drive and, therefore, he would drop me home. Hurry was also drunk. Jane was worried that Hurry was also not in a position to drive us home. Jane wanted us to get a taxi but Hurry assured us that he was 100% perfect.

 The four of us got into Hurry’s car without a second thought. We were not worried because we were used to this behavior. Hurry and Jane sat at the front while John and I sat at the back of the vehicle. Hurry ignited the car, and we were in motion. Hurry was driving so fast. He kept veering off the road at some point. Jane was becoming uncomfortable. We tried to calm Jane down by informing what an expert Hurry is when it comes to driving. Jane did not want to hear any of this. Jane was starring at Hurry with a mischievous look. She demanded to get out of the vehicle, but Hurry declined her wishes. Jane was upset and suddenly grabbed the wheel. This was a crazy act as we were as the center of a busy road at more than 100 miles per hour. I began to wonder what has entered into Jane. “It must be the alcohol”, I thought to myself. However, there was hardly enough time to get the right answer as in a fraction of a second the vehicle had moved out of the road and landed in a ditch.

 Hurry and Jane were fighting over the control of the vehicle causing the vehicle to veer outside the road. The vehicle landed on the ditch head fast. I felt my head crashing extremely hard against the back of the front seat. My head began to spin as everything else became quiet. I struggled to contemplate what had transpired. It happened so first. My feet were also trapped between the seats. I couldn’t move. I was also bleeding profusely. John was lying in the adjacent seat. He seemed unconscious. My senses began fading away. I had lost a lot of blood causing me to lose consciousness. I woke up three day later in hospital. This is where I leant that Hurry had lost his life in this accident. The force of the crash caused significant damage to his internal organ. Jane and John also suffered serious injuries. I escaped with an injury to the leg. The physical impacts of the accident faded away after months, but the memory will always live on. My life changed drastically after the events of this night.


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