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Theories of Dreams

Psychoanalytic Theory of Dreams

In this theory human beings are perceived to be a representation of unconscious desires, motivations and thoughts. Freud view people to be driven by sexual instincts that are aggressive and derived from some conscious awareness. Although the thoughts are not expressed consciously they eventually find their way into our awareness through dreams. (Freud, 1900).

Activation synthesis model of dreaming

According to activation synthesis model, the circuits in the brain get activation during the REM sleep. This causes areas of the structures associated with emotions and drive in the brain inclusive of amygdale and hippocampus in interpretation of the internal activity and attempting to become active. The brain performs the function of synthesizing and interpreting the internal activity attempting to find the meaning in the signals. This results into dreaming. This theory of dreaming suggests that dreams are as a result of signal interpretation which is generated by the brain while someone is asleep. Although this theory is of the view that dreams result from signals which are generated internally one can’t say that dreams are useless. But according to Hudson they are the conscious state which is most creative. (Hobson, 1995)

Description of my dream

One day after my friend invited me to business opportunity presentation. It was about network marking a concept which was very new to me. During this presentation I was very attentive to what was going even taking notes to avoid doubt. After the business concept presentation was over several people who had made tremendous progress in this venture were invited to give testimonies about how they got to know the opportunity and how it has helped them grow.

Everybody talked about financial freedom and having fun. These were some of the goals I had wished to achieve but did not have means to achieve them. I was very touched with the idea and wished to start the business immediately since I was very broke and wanted to raise some money for my upkeep. The only hiccup was that I did not have even e penny to register. This fact disturbed me so much. When I got out of the hall, I went straight to our home thinking about how I could raise the money.

The night came before I could get the cash and went to sleep in a deep thought about the whole idea. It took me some time before I could sleep but I was eventually taken away by sleep.While I was in deep sleep I found myself calling all my friends explaining to them about the new venture. One of my friends got interested but had no time due to other engagements. This friend of mine offered to give me the cash he would have used to join with and promised to join the business later once he is free.

I immediately went to register where I worked tireless to achieve what I had seen people talk about during the presentation. After a period of two years I saw myself taken to a trip in one of the posh cities abroad where I invited my girlfriend with whom we had been struggling for some time not even been able to have fun in the most cheaply local cities. I was also in company of one of my mentors in the business a couple who had seen me through the business and whom I was very proud of. The zeal have fun with my girlfriend as well as been financially free made me work harder.

This dream was triggered by the great thought I had before I went to sleep. My dream revolved around all what I was thinking about, like having fun with my love, living life whereby I’m free from financial stress. The dream also gave to a solution on how to get the money to join the business which was a great bother to me. This clearly proves both the psychoanalytic theory and activation synthesis model of dreaming.


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