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How the Brain Impacts Behavior

Brain is among the organs that are complete in human body and responds in different ways. Brain is the central organ that directs the human body or it is the center of attraction with human activities. Apart from that, brain comprise of different parts that work jointly in accomplishing human daily activities. Of those parts that make brain they are developed in a way that they have specific duties in the human body and impacts behaviors of an individual.

Research shows that individuals who take drugs subject their brains in danger simply because the drugs have impacts on the body that affects how the brain functions. When the drug affects the brain, affected parts responds in a negative manner that was not expected thus developing impacts on how an individual is expected to act or behave, (Petronis, 2011).

Although some researchers base human behaviors on different brain activities, I believe that there exist a non-physical soul that guides behavior. The human brain works closely with non physical soul in influencing how humans behave. When the brain stem is affected by drugs the entire system that influences behaviors becomes affected. Cerebral cortex is one of the most important parts of the brain simply because it controls different parts of brain parts that regulates how an individual behaves. On the same note when processing parts are affected, human behaviors changes. Research shows that human brain is made of different parts that power the ability that help in doing certain activities. Neurons make up human brain and they are responsible of passing message to and from different systems and that counts to the behaviors of man, (King, 2010).


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