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My Cousin

My cousin is one of my several cousins. He is 15 years old, a bit short for his age. In addition, my cousin is a bit thin and he looks like a scare scroll. He has short brown hair which is very dry and difficulty to manage. He also has green eyes. His eyes are round and so big that they look as if they are getting out anytime.

My cousin’s teeth are sharp and nasty like the teeth’s of a shark (Rinehart &Winston inc, 1997).Moreover, my cousin is cheerful, humorous and sociable. He is also very affectionate with people he knows. For instance, when he sees someone familiar he runs towards him or her and gives him hugs and kisses.
My cousin is the most creative person that I have ever known. When he was young he liked playing like a dragon. Nowadays he plays like a dragon and monsters. Apart from that my cousin is very impatient, active and noisy, but he tries to be attentive and quiet when watching television. Though he is very clever and has a good memory, he is not a good learner.
Despite his prominent abilities, he has repeatedly had to prevent himself from being influenced by his less motivated, focused and honest friends. The friends have impacted his capability and hence his performance. He is as cunning as a fox and this has made it easy for him to survive the difficulty moments in school and home as he does not make lame excuses for his failure like his friends (Rinehart &Winston inc, 1997).


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