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 Primates-Patas Species


            The order of primates has three major divisions namely apes, prosmians (pre-monkeys) and monkeys. The number of primate species is estimated to be about 233, with14 apes, 61 prosmians and 158 monkeys. The monkeys are also divided into two, old world monkeys and new world monkeys depending on the part of world that they live in. All apes belong to the old world and they are divided into greater and lesser ape categories. The prosmians are known ancient primates, and some of them have never changed for over 70 million years. The prosmians are from the old world.

            This paper highlights patas species of monkeys which are found in Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal and Ethiopia. The patas is a species of old world monkeys related to the guenon. The patas monkey is also known as Hussar Monkey or Wadi monkey. The patas monkey belongs to the genus Erythrocebus and species patas. Patas is the only species categorized under the genus Erythrocebus. According to recently presented phylogenetic evidence the patas is said to be the closest relative of Cercopithecus aethiops or the Vervet monkey in common name (Maynard 19).

        This recent presentation suggests that there is a need for nomenclatural revision. The patas is unique because it prefers living on the ground. The patas is distributed over East and West Africa in semi-arid areas. This type of monkeys eats leaves, insects, fruits, insects, bird eggs and lizards. The patas live in groups which are dominated by females. The male patas only join the group during the season of breeding. The male and female patas leave in different groups with interactions only getting initiated during the breeding season. The patas mostly live in multi-female groups and the dominance rank is weak amongst the groups (Maynard 19).

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