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Hate Paper


 Propaganda has been an effective and important tool in the development and formation of dictatorship.  Dictatorship is a form of leadership used by a ruler in government to gain absolute power. Such form of leadership is used by the leader to control the masses. Adolph Hitler is a dictator who used the system of totalitarism to control the civilians never before in history. He deprived the people of their independence by the use of technology. Propaganda was passed through devices like radio, book, press, and loudspeaker. Such propaganda can make people do way with their culture, morals and traditional customs thought brainwashing people.

 Propaganda is usually hate messages that tarnish other people without any real foundation. They have been used by political leaders simply to enhance his political Powers.

George Orwell‘s novel the Nineteen Eighty four- the two minute‘s Hate talks of a daily period in which members of a party of the society Oceanic to depict The Party enemies. Through the principles of democracy, the party, members express their hatred four their enemies.

This paper will example the role of hatred in Orwell’s hatred in contemporary America in which hatred has been used by antigovernment militia group since Obama was elected.

 Nineteen eighty four

Gorge Orwell was a British journalist and author. He is well, know for his famous novel’s nineteen eighty four and the animal farm which are novels of the 20th centaury. In this film 1984, Orwell describes how the ‘monstrous machine without oil’ as a form of brain washing  party members as an attempt top make them loath and hate Emanuel Goldstein who is the current enemy super state. Julia a character in the film attempts to assault the tale screen because she is caught up in the hate as a common occurrence. As the film progresses Goldstein’s face morphs into a sheep while the enemy soldiers come forward towards the viewers. A soldier charges at the screen then machine guns start to blaze. The solder morphs into the face of big brother after two minutes Viewers chant BB at the end after being emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted.  The purpose of the hate in this film is to satisfy the citizen’s subdued feelings of hatred and angst. The two minutes hate is introduced by the main character who is O’Brien of the Inner party. The hate week in the o novel is explored in two minutes representing an annual week long festival.

 The increase of public hate expressed in America

Suspected members of hate organization have gotten involved in violent episodes in the recent years. Some of the selected episodes of hate violence have occurred in Colorado, school of shooting, Littleton, and Benjamin Smith’s Independence weekend in 1999. This groups have been growing faster compared to the past decade most probably due to the proliferation of the internet. The internet use among most Americans has been the best medium used by individuals and groups to reach intolerance and hate. (Schafer, 2002).

 Collective hate is generally seen as a powerful negative emotion held by a group or individuals. This is a major social; concern because it takes a multilevel and a complex existence which shapes the identity of both the hater and the hated. Objectification of hatred starts at the heart as an ideology. The haters would define and portray their enemy in such a way that would make their enemies look like the most inferior human and totally inhuman. Thereat as and evils of all forums is attributed to the group. Among the current hate formation in the US is the Taliban, after the September n11 attack. The Taliban’s have been depicted as evil that attacked, “our way of life; meaning civilization”. The hating groups have seen them as the people; who are against the true Americans and are the fore the epitome of uncivilization and evil and less human who have to be liked to animals (PCC Sylvania forum, 2001)

 Group hate expressions in the society is contributes by political instability and expression, perceived sense of injustice, worsening economic conditions, struggle of minority groups for self power and identity among other ,various conditions. This conditions do contributes to spontaneous or percolated planned outbursts of violence by a group towards other state, groups or against individuals (see, e.g., Lieberson and Silverman 1965; Libman-Rubenstein 1979; Graham 1989; Gurr 1989b).

 At the end of 2002 and the beginning of 20003, there were poignant reminders of apprehension and uses in the community towards the Muslims and Arabs going to school and working in the united sates after the September 11 terrorist attack. The FBI released its annual hate crimes report of 2001 that showed increasingly high hate crimes that targeted the people appearing to be from south Asia Middle East and any Muslim. That same year the INS announced its controversial special registration process for visa holders for predominantly year countries and Muslim countries. Such moves depict unfair religious and ethnic refilling (Adelkarim, 2003).

 The issue of Islam has further haunted president Obama after taking over leadership in 2008. He ahs was accused of supporting Russia in which by judging at the president’s foreign policy, the country does not come into mind. He has only dwelt with Honduras, Israel and the n Great Britain. Also that in the era of national security and foreign policy, Osama’s largely unchecked operation is even by his weak, guilt ridden policy towards the foreign adversaries. This is certain to produce grave consequences. Osama’s been accused of showing no interest in the promotion of democracy and human rights ( Mirengoff, 2009)

  The Washington tea party movement that marked the Tax day was characterized raised by seminars  and demonstrations in which political pragmatism vied with boiling anger against\t president Obama. The Protestants claimed that he is a socialist . They were strongly against taxes and the big government.,. The  tea party has no national leader and neither is it aligned to any major party. Large posters were flying high  that read, Impeach Obama, Don’t tread on me;, the posters depicted messages of race and religious hatred such as, speak for yourself Obama we are Christians, , save white America, wake up America, your Muslim president has bowed to his  Muslim king. The antichrist is living in the white house. And simply gender hate massage that reads “Obama spends like a woman”.

 Hate violence is an expression of control and power. The US white supremacy is grounded within the mainstream of culture. It therefore serves as a direct purpose of exerting social control(PCC Sylvania, 2001). Hate expression used by the white is directly related to supremacy movement based upon historical hate violence of the US government and institutionalized discrimination. It aims a putting people back in  their socially determined “palaces”.  Some, of the instituonalized discrimination include; slavery, segregation, anti non –European immigration legislation, not allowing g anyone who is not white  to become a citizen of the US, withholding the vote  for  people with color and for women, and racial profiling.


  1. hate violence include placement of Japanese Americans in internment camps, genocidal policies against native American tribes, the  rule of thumb which allowed husband s to beat their wives, mass  of undocumented Latin immigrants fore denial and deportation of asylum status to various groups and the recently passed Patriot Act (2001) by the congress and the USA Act 2001 passed by the senate. These acts bridge the rights of both immigrants and those deemed AS POSSIBEL threat to US. Hate violence and hate are institutionalized with  the purpose of understanding the official and public reaction towards the September 11 attack. This created the United States patriotism linked with white racism  because of the ideology of hate linked to the culture. The re was the  creation of .”Us”  and the “them”.


The hate and hate violence is all about control and power motivated by fear. Hate is a gene that is difficult to eliminate or destroy. What currently remains unknown is how groups and individuals can be moved away from an ideology of hate. This is only possible if as a country we challenge the  belief system by seeking infor4aqmktion  that underlies in the culture of the people. Secondly we have to reverse the objectification by making the hated to be human against. There is the need to expand our personal cycle by trying to understand various perspectives and lastly is to refuse to be cooped by fear or hatred.


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Panel Presentation 10/15/01 “Moving Beyond Hate”
PCC Sylvania Campus Social Science Forum
Rowan Wolf


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