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Nevada Constitution

 The Nevada constitution was created in 1864 at a convention in 4th July in Carson City. The convention was postpone on 28th July and approved through voting on 1st Wednesday in September (Smith,2003). The country started using the constitution on 31st October when Nevada was declared a state by President Abraham Lincoln. The constitution of Nevada contains 19 article and numerous sections under each article. Several amendments need to be made to various sections under the various articles. The first amendment is on article one section eleven. Article one contains declaration of rights that are given to the Nevada citizens by the government (Smith,2003). Section eleven of article one states that all citizens have the right to keep and poses fire arms or weapons as it is authorized by the Supreme Court.

The citizens have the right to poses fire arms. This is because the citizens are required to use the fire arms to protect themselves and to defend themselves from danger. This section guarantees the citizens powers to use the weapons for recreational services and for other activities that are lawful. The amendment to section eleven article one should state clearly the conditions under which the citizens should poses firearms so as to avoid misuse of the firearms. This is because the use of weapons for protection or defense gives the citizens a chance to misuse this privilege as they are involved in unlawful activities in the name of defense. The citizens can also cause harm on one another in the process of recreation and protection(Reid,&James,2004).This can be accelerated by differences that can occur during recreation activities.

Thus it is not legal to authorize the citizens to poses fire arms but the conditions to poses them if need be should be stated clearly in the new amendment to the constitution. This will improve security in the country and security among the citizens (Reid,&James,2004).Another section that should be changed is section nine in article one that guarantees the citizens their rights. Section nine guarantees the citizens the right or freedom of speech and freedom of press. This section allows all citizens to speak freely, write down and to print their feelings on all issues that abuse this right and that no law should be established to control this right. This right guarantees the citizens and the press an opportunity to misuse their freedom. This is because the citizens and the press are not limited on the kind of content to publish on anything that distracts their freedom of speech and press (Reeve,2006).

The citizens can use this freedom to deliver contents that are unwanted to their partners like hate speech as there is no limitation on the content to be delivered. Another issue is the political speech. Political leaders are not limited on the type of content they should deliver to the public. This is dangerous as the politicians can misuse the freedom guaranteed by this section by delivering illegal content. Section nine should be amedented to have some limitations on the kind of content to be delivered by politicians, media and the citizens. This is to enhance peace and security in the country (Reeve,2006).Section two in article one also needs to be amended. Section two of article states the importance of the government to the citizens and the powers that the government has over the citizens. The purpose of the Nevada government is to protect his citizens by giving them security and also protecting the citizen’s benefit. 

Section two states that the citizens have no powers to change the constitution or the powers of the government. This is not fair to the citizens as they are not given the right freedom to control the government powers. This makes it easy for the government to utilize this chance to oppress the people by enacting laws that are not useful to the citizens but benefit the government official hence limiting the citizens on full enjoyment of the freedom guaranteed by the various rights in the constitution like freedom of speech( Hogan,2006) This section should be amendment to give the citizens powers to make decision on government issues but not to put all the powers over the government. This will make the citizens to enjoy all the rights guaranteed in the constitution. Another section that needs to be changed is section eleven in article two of the constitution( Hogan,2006).This section guarantees the citizens and members of parliament freedom from being arrested during civil process. Though this section protects the rights of the citizens it is harmful for the security of the country and individuals as the citizens and the members of parliament can commit illegal activities during this period and they cannot be arrested as it is not defined in the law.

The section should be changed to include the rules that should be used to arrest a person during the civil process if he commits crime. Section twenty two in article one should be changed as it limits the powers a private property owner has over the eminent domain and gives the government more powers over this domain (Congressional quarterly,inc.2005).The section should give each party in the domain equal benefit. In conclusion amendment of section nine, section eleven in article one will improve security measures in the country as the government will put measures  on use of firearms and freedom of speech. Section two in article one will provide the citizens with enough powers to make decisions and section and section eleven in article two will control crimes in the country (Congressional quarterly,inc.2005).


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