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History and Politics

 This essay aims at carrying out a survey to determine how a history and politics major is viewed in the institution, representation of courses and other important things in the department in the departmental website and what students having history and politics major can do in terms of career. The history and politics department in university has planned its courses well so as to provide a detailed view of historical studies from different places like America, Europe and non western countries. This has made the history and politics major to have enough support as most of the students taking the history and politics major like the major because they benefit a lot from it.

 The material in the introduction book is well organized as it is organized according to chapters and the author has explained the concepts using the chapters. The author has emphasized the history and its importance. The content does not depend on words only but the author has used both words and illustrations. The author has not used statistics, tables and graphs in his work. The common words or key words in the book are history, importance and scope. This book attracts readers who have done history and politics and those who are doing history and politics. Thus the author has focused on only attracting students or people who have knowledge in history and politics but not any other students. Students have not heard any disagreement in the history and politics major since the courses are not difficult and they provide the students with good job opportunities and the teachers are committed and have good experiences in teaching.

The teachers like helping students as they handle each student individually according to his or her needs. The language used to deliver the course and the course material is not hard and this makes it easy to for the students to understand the course. The core concepts of the history and politics major are said to be good and the student appreciate the concepts. The history and politics major is an interdisciplinary as it has two disciplines that the student has to study. That is the history discipline and the politics discipline that prepare the students for history and politics major. The discipline is changing at a normal rate since the department has introduced new courses that benefit students.

 Students who have done history and politics have a wide range of career opportunities. These students can work in the library as researchers and they can also join the teaching profession. The students can also work in law firms as legal analysts. The students can also work in media as journalists and in Christian organizations. They can also become sales analysts as they can use their knowledge in cultural cycles to foresee changes in prices and changes in markets. They can also become novelists as they always study the cause and effects of events; they can use this knowledge to develop non fictional novels that can keep people updated on current issues. Some can become politicians as they have knowledge about world events thus they are able to make better decisions than those people who have not done history and politics as their major. Thus a major in history and politics has a lot of career opportunities. The professors in the history and politics field spend their research time carrying out more research that is related to the discipline so as to build their knowledge and assist the university.

  The language used to represent content in the department website is formal and it is good as it easy to read and understand. It is also inviting thus attractive to people who want to do a major in history and politics. For example the course content is precise and this makes it easy for the reader to understand and read. The language used in describing the courses and the content and the method of approach is well organized. The website gives more emphasis on the courses that a student should take, it has provided a clear outline of the courses including the majors and the minors and the requirement for various courses and the different paths the student can take so as to be able to do history and politics major. Thus the departmental website has represented the courses and other important issues about the department using a formal language that is easy to understand.

  In conclusion, the history and politics major is valued in the university as it prepares students for a wide range of careers that are inline with the history and politics major like politics, research as the student can apply the knowledge he has learned in this career fields. Thus the history and politics major is important for the students. The department has structured the courses in a formal language that is easy for the students to understand as the courses are well outlined with the department giving more emphasizes on the courses and careers.


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