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Financial Statements and Reports of Medco Health Solutions Inc.

             The Medco Health Solutions Inc is a pharmacy chain that deals with mail order retail and an in-store of pharmacy products and other products related to pharmacy. The pharmacy chain operates as a health care service provider at cost effective rate to public and private employers.  These cost effective service also target government agencies and labor unions as well as persons partly covered by Medicare’s D program of prescription Drugs Plan.

        This research paper will deal with the analysis of financial reports and statement of Medco health solutions.  It will give a detailed financial ratio of the company in the past five years as well as the latest financial ratio from the semi annual and annual financial statements. By examining the financial position of the company and effects to the company, I will be able to determine whether to buy the company’s shares. From the same results also, I would weigh if I could be interested in working for the firm if their job’s description suits my qualification.


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