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           Motivation is  important  in  an  organization  as  it  determines  employees  performance. Most  organizations   have  had  poor  productivity  because  they  do  not  motivate  their  employees. Motivation helps   improve employee   performance and productivity. This in turn improves productivity in the organization. Motivation of employees is affected by various factors.

         For instance, motivation of employees is affected by the   wage   system. For  example,  non incentive  wage   systems   have  led  to low  productivity  among  the  employees. Employees  who  receive  the  same  wages   regularly  are  more  likely  to  perform  poorly  than  employees  who   receive  some  incentives. This is because the employees are not motivated to work hard. Increasing  wages motivates  the  employees  in  the  organization .This  makes  it  easy  for  the   employees  to  perform  well.

          Also, employee motivation is also affected   by   rewards. Managers  are  supposed   to  appreciate  the  performance  of  different  employees  in  the  organization so as  to  motivate  them   to  perform  well. In addition, employee   motivation is   affected by the working environment. Poor  working  environment   affects  employee  motivation  and  leads  to  poor  performance  among  the  employees. Managers  are  supposed  to  create   good  working  environment  so  as  to  motivate  the  employees  in  the  organization. There are other factors that affect employee motivation and performance.

        For instance, promotion   and growth in   the work place affects employee motivation. Promotion   helps improve employee   motivation in the organization and hence employee performance. Also,  job  security  and  loyalty  to  employees  helps  motivate  the  employees  to  perform  better. For  example,  employees  are  more  likely  to  perform  better  if  they  are  assured  of  their  jobs (Farazmand, 2007).


Farazmand, A. (2007).Strategic public personnel administration: building and managing human capital for the 21st century, Volume 1. Greenwood Publishing Group


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