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Health Care Organizations and their Effect on Leadership Role of the Manager

 Health care organizations often derive their members from diverse fields and professions in health care. Hence implementing change is a major challenge to the manager who is often faced by professionals with varying interests and capacities to change. This tends to test the degree of leadership qualities in the manager in the process of implementing the change.

 One characteristic of health care organization that posse great challenges on managers as leaders are formulation of common goals. These common goals are not easy to implement in the individual units as the leadership role of the manager may not be backed up with as much support at the local level as in the entire organization. Thus in order to achieve the said objectives managers has to employ their managerial and leadership roles together.

 Over the years, the health care organizations have always being striving to work hard to ensure that the entire clientele is provided with quality health care services. This however, is quite challenging as the amount of funds that is availed for the advancements is minimal. Therefore, the manager as a leader has to explain to the other professionals the additional sources of funds and how the goals will be attained sufficiently. Leaders should have ready answers in any given situation regardless of the circumstances at hand hence tough measures for the manager.

 The limited funds from treasury are also a great challenge to the managers who have to ensure that the performance gap between the mission of the organization and the current productivity is attained. This may engage motivating staff using other means other than improving their salary perks.


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