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             For business organization to be successful, it is important for the mangers to have the skills in managing conflict.  Managers are from day to day faced with the challenge of solving conflicts among their employees.  One of the most crucial aspects that a manager should know is the source of conflict.   This helps the manager identify the best possible strategies of resolving these problems. By the identification of the source of conflict, the managers can save the whole business from the harmful outcomes of conflict leading to increased productivity.

 The required skills that managers should have are problem solving skills, compromise, accommodating and avoidance. One of the best courses that managers can take is avoidance.  This means that the managers can evaluate some problems which when intervened can cause more harm than good. Such problems should instead be left alone until time cures them. Accommodating a problem is another approach which the managers can use.  This approach just like avoidance is a result of not wanting to address the problem head on because it would lead to hurting the company or the managers foregoing their personal goals.

 Forcing is another technique which managers can use to resolve conflict.  This, unlike accommodating is when a manager forces the opposing party among the employees to agree to a certain solution to a conflict. The use of these skills however, can lead to aggression and competition, but if managers see it as the best approach in bringing a long term solution, then they can use this approach.  Compromise is the best approach as a problem solving skill for the managers because they have the final say to the conflict.

 The managers should ensure that there is good communication among employee and from them to the employers.  The managers should always be optimistic that a solution to a conflict will always be found since this in an attitude that encourages problem solving within an organization.


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