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Response: Fraud-and-abuse enforcement in Medicare- finding a middle ground

It is unfortunate that resources should be drained from Medicare at a point in time when such sources are scarce. Each year, the Medicare program is defrauded of huge sums of money by fraud perpetrators. Indeed, according to General Accounting Office- US (2002), fraud issues in Medicare could be informing the loss of billions of dollars on an annual basis. This fact alone should spring the government into action as far as the application of false claims act is concerned amongst other issues. Further, it is unfortunate that tax payers should be expected to foot the burden inform of the raising costs of healthcare which experts attribute to fraud. To solve this, finding some middle ground would be a good place to start. This however should be through the concerted effort of all the stakeholders including but not limited to the government and the private sector.

 Response: corporate responsibility and corporate compliance- a response for healthcare board of directors.

It is important to note that the corporate director is a central pillar of the healthcare delivery system. Based on the oversight roles the director plays, he or she should be increasingly mindful as far as his or her execution of obligations is concerned in an environment that is increasingly being seen to shift towards corporate responsibility. Nevertheless, issues relating to personal liability for fiduciary duty breach should not at any time limit the director’s performance of his or her duties. It should however be noted that fiduciary duties should be less challenging going forward. Instead, they should be a timely gateway to the enhanced delivery of healthcare.


General Accounting Office- US (2002).  Medicare fraud and abuse: DOJ continues to promote compliance with False Claims Act guidance: report to Congressional committees. GAO

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