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Treadway Case Assignment

The company is under some serious situations which affects the productivity which has an impact on company’s profit due to the competition of the same companies and the cost of raw materials have increased. The company has no power to the increase in raw materials but in order to reduce the overall cost, the company can focus on employee turnover. It is with no doubt that there are some problems which are associated with line-foreman which have caused reluctant in the firm. If the company is not going to work on such issues, it is going to experience some high cost which will not be recovered because there is a tough global competition, (Skinner & Beckham, 2008).

 In order for the company to experience some high employee turnover there are certain issues which have contributed to these. Some of the issues include lack of induction plan and employees are not satisfied among others. From the case we understand that the line foreman management has failed because the work is directed to be done by workers with authority from the crook. Although the main aim is the work to be done, this is not the right way the management could have employed. Due to poor working environment, the morale of the workers has reduced which greatly affect the operations of the company. It is clear that line foreman had no say to the workers which affected the operation of the foreman because they felt they were powerless, (Skinner & Beckham, 2008).The best way the firm should do in order to create an environment which is conducive for the workers is to share information with line foremen and thus ensuring that work is appropriately done.


Skinner, W., & Beckham, H. (2008). The Treadway tire company: job dissatisfaction and high turnover at the Lima tire plant: Harvard business publishing 

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