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Teams & Groups

Question A (i): High Achievement

The Arts Achievement Award is offered in recognition of a Canadian artist whose piece of work has had a significant influence on the cultural lifestyle of Labrador and Newfoundland over a couple of years (Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, 2012). In addition to the award, a prize of $2000 and a piece of original art is given to the winner. Candidates for this award are nominated by members of the public and mandated Newfoundland and Labrador organizations and the selection of the winner is done by the committee of the council through a secrete vote.

(ii) Improvement and Change Norms

Playing for Change Organization encourages positive behavioral practices through education on art and music. It educates young people on the importance of abandoning bad practices such as participation in drug abuse and alcoholism through music and sports events.

Question B (i): Organizational Pride

Thomas & Lorenzo picture gallery lost to competition and subsequently collapsed due to failure to evaluate their practices in a periodic manner. This happened mainly because of pride that dominated its organizational space leaving little chance for self evaluation and criticism.

(ii)Support and Helpfulness

Cultural change has not occurred in Eastern Europe because of lack of support and helpfulness from arts institutions and professional. Art and music, instead, have been used to propagate cultural practices responsible for the limitation of the role of women in society.

C. Welcome Electronic Mail

Dear all,

I am Shadrack Wilson, the project manager of the Regional Arts Festival. I am writing to welcome you all into this project and to congratulate you for being selected to be part of the team that is organizing this year’s event. It is worth noting that the criteria for selection into the team were competitive meaning that you are the best practicing arts professional around the region. The basis for inclusion of highly qualified persons in the team was because of the quality of organization of events expected in this year’s event.

It is extremely important to state that we have a very limited span of time to put everything in place before the main event. Time management, adherence to ethical procedures and collaborative attitudes will be of much importance and appreciation. It is expected that we build good working relationships and spend sufficient time in the team so as to achieve our mandate. I therefore request for your total commitment and contribution to this prestigious arts event. I look forward to our first meeting where I will get chance to introduce you to all members of the team Thank you.


Shadrack Wilson

Project Manager

C. Belbin’s Team Roles Theory


Implementers are those members of a group who convert ideas into practical actions and plan functions to be done (Belbin, 2012). I consider myself an implementer because I value reliability, practicability and efficiency in all my functions. In relation to the work of art, these characteristics are particularly important because art is dynamic and competitive and, therefore, requires inventive minds and ability to create new products from conceived ideas. To establish a niche in the world of art, credibility is important and can only be achieved through reliable, quality and dynamic pieces of work.


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Johns, NL: Author 

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