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The Cinderella Curse By J. L. Penn. Amazon Digital Services, Inc. 2010. P. 68. Genre. Featured

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The Cinderella Curse By J. L. Penn. Amazon Digital Services, Inc. 2010. P. 68. Genre.

From the book, Cinderella is described as an ordinary and pretty girl. She is also described as popular in high school and after high school. She engages in an ordinary job of picking up apples at an orchard, and one autumn day she drops her basket of apples and hits a woman’s head. The woman utters some mumbo Jumbo under her breath. The woman is defined to have a crooked nose with a tee-shirt written “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” I wanted to know, where exactly something wicked was to happen and to whom and how it was to happen. This was the central motivation for my reading this book. Again, the book begins by saying that her name was Cindy and that might have been the problem. The name Cindy refers to a fairly-tale heroine named Cinderella. The normal life lived by Cindy demonstrate she was yet to become that heroine despite sharing the name. I got interested to know how Cindy’s life would change to that of a fairly-tale superwoman.

 On the night of the encounter with the lady with a crocked nose, Cindy began turning into pumpkins at midnight. She remained as a pumpkin till morning and would run her normal life. The novella belongs to the fantasy genre and is written using literally humor. After encountering with the lady with a crocked nose, Cindy’s life changes from a normal life to a life that required her to change from a human being to a pumpkin and vice Versa. No human being can turn into a pumpkin and Cindy’s adventures show that the book is not to be read literally. A reader should not, therefore, respond to the story with scorn because it was not literally real as this would make them miss the bigger picture or lesson. Literal humor is used to provide necessary enjoyment to the readers mind and not cripple their mind. In the book, Cinderella had no clue about whatever had taken place to her neither did she know how she could resume her normal life.

However, Lexi, Cindy’s best friend helps her a lot in her pumpkin nights and she seems slightly crazy. Despite Lexi’s knowledge of Cindy’s situation, she still retains her friendship. Lexi is determined to have Cindy resume her normal life by reversing the curse. She has to watch Cindy the woman turn into Cindy the pumpkin. In the course of her two-sided life, Cindy finds herself in situations calling for lots of explaining to do like the incident the store where she turns into a pumpkin and in the morning sleeping she finds herself on a pile of pumpkins. Her friend Lexi helps her out in this and other situations. Amidst her problems, Cindy continues dating which leads to more tight spots. Her relationship gets better when she dates a handsome police officer who worked overnight shift and had not yet seen Cindy turn orange in bed.

 Humor in this book uses superhuman forms to explain everyday events and happenings in human lives. Comparing this with television programs like Mr. Bean, humor is created using jokes. Mr. Bean takes normal human situations and uses them to surround them with laughter. For instance, Mr. Bean locks his car with a padlock and not a car lock. This action demonstrates human nature to resist change. Cindy’s problem ends up as a fairy tale.

 In my opinion, middle grade students would benefit from reading this book. Life during middle school years is very complex surrounded by the change from childhood to teenage. In my opinion, parents need to maintain strong communication with these children this will not only show support but also provide relevant advice that would be useful to these children. In middle school years, students must maintain only the good friend and share their problems for more reinforced final decisions.


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