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Personal Statement:My Decision Of Pursuing Dentistry Featured

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Personal Statement:My Decision Of Pursuing Dentistry

Routine discussions with undergraduate students in the dentistry have only reinforced my decision of pursuing dentistry. I usually embrace my opportunity of putting my academic, communication and mechanical skills to use as I work to uphold my patients’ oral health. I am captivated by dentistry because I like networking and working on electronics. These words may appear confusing; however, looking at it closely it makes ideal sense. For instance, when working on computers one should operate within a tiny space inside a computer cache, taking extreme care to steer clear of damaging the delicate equipment. Similarly, as a dentist I performs my responsibilities within the smallest of spaces by use of tiny instruments on surfaces that are fragile. Literally, there is a fundamental difference amid computer construction and provision of dental care. Though these two fields help one to use the manual skills, it is dentistry that helps in that has significant interpersonal component that I seek in career.

 In addition to this, my family has influenced which mostly is composed of dentistry; my grandmother was an oral surgeon and my uncle an orthodontist. The emotions of dentists along with those of patients have persuaded me. The patients’ prayers, cries and smiles, as well as that of the kin on one side, and my uncle and grandfather’s commitment on the other side had a great impact. When it came time for thinking what career to pursue in life, I did not have a second thought.

 In recognition of my excellent performance in a common entrance test, I was accepted by a renowned college in India known as, Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences. This was the starting point of my treasured goal. In this college, it took me a year to adjust. During the second year, I was able to balance things and I started interacted with patients in my third year. The patients motivated me to learn new things and understand dentistry along with patients. My performance improved year by year. I got to know that I was not just studying for the exam, but also more importantly to be a doctor to make a difference in patients’ life. I was awarded honors in oral surgery and conservative dentistry for getting the highest score in the class. Always my primary interest was lying in scrupulous clinical practice which was following stringent facts based procedure. I pursued my interest and joined “Changed Your Smile” dental clinic during my internship under the supervision of my professor, Trina Kishore BDS, MDS, and advisor in the department of periodontist at Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences. At this moment, I got the experience to deal with both outpatient and inpatient dental surgery practices. I got the opportunity of managing wide group of patients with varied dental conditions. This helped me gain in-depth knowledge on prevention, treatment and supportive care for these conditions.

 Following my graduation from the dental school, I joined Challa Dental Hospital as a junior dentist where I worked under Dr. Puppala Venkata Ratnanag BDS, MDS who was as well my tutor and advisor in the Prosthodontics department at Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences. I used the opportunity to learn many aspects of cosmetic dentistry, surgical treatments, restorative procedures and prosthetic lab procedures. I also helped in treatments such as cleft lip, cleft palate and orthognathic surgeries.

Though I had obtained extensive clinical training in India, I soon realized that dentistry has undergone an extraordinary revolution in relation to techniques, technology and materials. Most of India dentists never had the needed philosophic, academic and clinical tools needed to confidently undertake the new modalities into their practices. Therefore, I chose to pursue a career in the United States to learn more on the modern-day esthetic dentistry, geriatrics dentistry and compromised patients’ management.

 In addition to the clinical experience at school, I got the chance of participating in research projects, surveys, health programs and dental camps. While conducting these camps, the kind words of praise I received from patients and the sense of satisfaction I felt, paved way to the eventual goal. My goal was to establish my own practice and offer a low cost-quality dental care to the needful. Therefore, I set out to start my Masters’ in Health Administration majoring on health cost containment and management of facilities at the University of New Haven.

 As a pursued my graduate education, I stayed abreast with the dental practices in America. I am a co investigator in a research project with Dr. Cynthia Conrad Ph.D. The project is investigating job burn out amongst dentists at the New Haven University. This works poster is to be submitted soon to international poster journal.

 After training in strong teaching hospital, where I got the opportunity of working with varied diseases I bring my five years of extensive clinical skills, dental knowledge, hard work, adaptability and ability of working in a team to the program in this college. My aspiration of gaining more knowledge in dentistry is matched by a compassionate nature and a strong work ethic. With a graduate education in health administration and the associated knowledge I would like to pursue an academic career as I practice dentistry, educating students and residents and in progressing of the tradition started by my family members especially my grandmother. I am very confident that I have the necessary elements to succeed in dentistry. I have a naturally curious mind that has been strengthened and refined by strong clinical and teaching experiences


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