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Gilgamesh Featured

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Gilgamesh follows the same pattern as the hero's journey. Gilgamesh is called to adventure to kill the demi god Humbaba so as to become famous. He is given advise about his journey, but he refuses (Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction, 1999).. Gilgamesh refuses the help of goddess Ishtar after mistreating his lover Dumuzi. Gilaesh relies on the supernatural power to attain his goals. He depends on the goddess Gilgamesh faces numerous challenges as he tries to achieve his goal. Gilgamesh also meets with the goddesses.

 In addition, Gilgamesh helps Enkidu overcome the fear he has and this makes Gilgamesh a better leader. There are various themes in the poem including the hero of a journey. In this case, Gilgamesh is supposed to embark on a journey to know who he is. The theme reminds us of the importance of importance of overcoming challenges in life so as to discover who we are. It is also shows the struggle to become a leader who is not selfish (Gallery, 1998).

  I think that the Greek idea of love is different from the modern idea of love as shown by Sappho. The Greek idea of love is not based on gender, but soul love. In the work, she is speaking of a woman and she is considered a lesbian. During the Greek period there was no difference between gay and lesbian. People had relations with whoever they loved regardless of their sex. However, today, love is based on gender. People are supposed to love people of the opposite sex. Men are supposed to love women and vice versa.  Lesbian and gay have become common in the modern society because of issue of gender in love.  These things were not common in the Greece society as Saphho was a lesbian and loved another woman (Dubnoff, nd).


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