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The Universe Featured

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The Universe

#1 The book of genesis in the Holy Book (bible) and Big Bang Theory talks of origin of the universe. According to big bang theory, the universe was a result of scientific condition where some energy developed to form what universe is known as in the current time. Big bang theory explains that there existed nothing in the universe. It was until the big bang day when a flash of light developed and formed some reactions that resulted to universe. Over years, different things such as land, stars, and mountains formed what we call the current universe. Genesis in the holy book on the other hand, tries to explain how the universe was created. Just like the big bang theory, God created the universe out of nothing. The story of genesis gives an explanation of series of events that happened during universe formation. Although there are significant differences on how the universe was formed, the general idea seems to be an explanation on how universe came out of nothing hence there exist similarities, (Dayrit, & Cuyegkeng, 2010).

 #2 Research on human activities on applied science and technology shows how technology has affected man in different ways. Although there are positive implications of applied science and technology in human activities, there are those negative results that develop a fear in the near future. Research shows that human activities have been on of the main things that affect the carbon cycle in the environment. Man has entered into fuel fossils activities that pollute the environment. Releases of carbon gas in the ecosystem create global climate change that affects the entire universe. Man has used science and current technology that in return develop negative effects to the climate, (Dayrit, & Cuyegkeng, 2010).

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