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Friday, 05 April 2013 13:38

Continuing Nursing Education Featured

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Continuing Nursing Education

#1 Continuing nursing education is a crucial aspect in the nursing industry simply because it helps nurses update their professional. Continuing education helps professionals manage to learn different skills when they are relocate. Although continuing nursing education helps nurses advance their skills, it has been discovered that at times, it becomes difficult to agree on standards from one state to another. Nurses who want to relocate must at times go through standards of that specific state something that consumes time, (Woolridge, 2010).

 On the other hand, continuing nursing education gives nurses opportunity to upgrade their knowledge on certain areas. When an individual relocates from one place, it gives an individual with extra knowledge. Continuing nursing education affects attitudes of the professional simply because he or she gets new standards that were not used to from the place he relocates from, (Garrison & Labban, 2008).

 # 2 The CMS reimbursement rules for never events needed shift so as to modify inpatients facilities. It was discovered that the government was facing a high budget on bills of never events caused when treating patients. CMS initiated a project that geared towards reducing the occurrence of never events situations. Although it was feared that the project would develop risks to physicians, this was never to be simply because the project assisted in effective monitoring of ‘never events’ occurrence, (Garrison & Labban, 2008).

 # 3 David H. Sohn, JD, MD is one of the known legislators in the federal level who have done important things. He developed the never events bill that aimed at reducing bills incurred on things that would have never happened when strict measures were taken. Although there are other relevant advocates in the nursing industry, Sohn has been of great help in never events’ environment.


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