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Questionnaire as an Evaluation Tool Featured

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Questionnaire as an Evaluation Tool

Questionnaires are tools of research which may be used in both qualitative and quantitative types of studies. For the project, questionnaires will play an important role towards the collection of different types of data. Consequently, it will be possible to assess the project from numerous perspectives.  Questionnaires are also important evaluation tools in that they contribute immensely towards enhancing the overall quality of research. (Jackson, 2010)

 With such a high quality, it will be possible to achieve the desired levels of reliability for the study. As an evaluation tool, the questionnaire will also pave way for sufficient data analysis. Essentially, the effectiveness of data analysis is strongly influenced by the technique used in data collection. As a result of the questionnaires, high standards of accuracy will be achieved. (Crowther, 2012)


It is anticipated that the questionnaires will help in gathering empirical and non-empirical data. Empirical data will form the basis of statistical analysis for the project. Through the statistical analysis, the appropriate inferences will be made. On the other hand, the other hand, the non-empirical data will form the basis of theoretical analysis.  (Walliman, 2010)

Essentially, the theoretical analysis for the project will be based on the open-ended questions. Through the theoretical analysis, the appropriate concepts pertaining to the project will be derived. This will make it easier for readers or the audience to interpret the project’s findings. It is also anticipated that the questionnaires will contribute towards the enhancement of research validity. In any given research or project, validity is an essential aspect. The validity helps in evaluating the applicability of the findings made from the project. (Jackson, 2010)All these aspects vindicate the use of questionnaires as the preferred evaluation tool for the project.


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