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Tuesday, 25 June 2013 14:28

Boxing Training for Patients with Parkinson Disease Featured

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Boxing Training for Patients with Parkinson Disease

              This article presents a case series that studies patients with Parkinson disease (PD). The authors evaluate the response of six participants to a boxing program. All the participants are suffering from PD. However, the extent of the disease is different among the six participants. The main purpose of the study is to examine the implications of boxing training on PD patients (Combs, 2011).

The survey lasted for 3 months. The researchers also maintained high standards of safety in all the boxing sessions. According to the results, the boxing program had positive implications on the health condition of all participants. The extent of improvement in patients with severe PD was less in compared to patients with mild PD. The improvements were in terms of the participants’ quality of life as well as general body balance (Combs, 2011).


The study had no instance of bias or manipulation of data. The researchers made conclusions and inferences from the results without any external rectification. The strength of this article is also evidenced by the authors’ extensive literature review. This provides a framework for comparing the study with past surveys.


During the survey, the authors had a total of six participants. Such a small sample can easily undermine the validity of the assessment. The data generated from the participants is not a reliable indicator of the prevailing conditions in the population. Consequently, the authors should have used a larger sample. Another weakness of the article pertains to the omission of an abstract page. The abstract is essential in providing a comprehensive preview of the article’s content. In contrast, the authors engage the audience directly.


Combs, S. A. & Staples, W. H. (2011). Boxing training for patients with PD, Physical  Therapy, 91(1)


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